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bats in attic of a washington home


While bats in Washington help with the insect population, they also pose a threat to health and introduce other pests into the homes and businesses they infest. Check out our guide to bats to learn more.

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bed bug in washington home

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human and animal blood, often while their hosts rests. Visit our bed bug identification page to learn more about this biting bug including, what they look like and if their bites are dangerous.

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cockroach in fridge

Brownbanded Cockroaches

Brownbanded cockroaches can survive both cold and hot temperatures. Learn more about these pests including, what they look like and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

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cockroach on the floor of a washington home


While there are more than 4,000 species of roaches in the world, only a handful pose a problem to property owners in Washington. Learn more about these pests by visiting our cockroach identification page.

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cluster fly on plant

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies aren't dangerous pests, but they are a nuisance to have around. Here is how you can identify these pests and get rid of them.

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drain fly in home

Drain Flies

Just as their name implies, drain flies eat, drink, and breed in your drains. These pests are attracted to the decaying organic debris that builds up on drains. Check out our pest identification page to learn more about drain flies.

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small flee on a hand


One of the most prevalent parasites, fleas are often found on dogs and cats but may also be introduced into homes and businesses on infested rodents and wildlife. Learn more about this biting pest by visiting our flea identification page.

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Flies are annoying. More importantly, they pose a serious risk to health. Visit our fly identification page to learn more about the flies common to Washington.

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German Cockroaches

One of the most common species of cockroaches to invade our homes and businesses is the German cockroach. They can be difficult to get rid of once they invade. Learn more about these pests in the German cockroach pest ID.

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house fly outside

House Flies

House flies are common home invaders. However, if you knew where they have been before entering your home, you would rethink whether you want them to stay. Here's everything you need to know about these pests.

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small mosquito on water


According to the Washington State Department of Health, there are 40 different types of mosquitoes in the state. Learn more about the mosquitoes that annoy property owners in our region of the state by visiting our mosquito identification page.

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Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders are a group of insects that typically reside outside but enter homes and businesses occasionally, sometime on purpose and other time in search of food and shelter. Learn more about these pests by visiting our occasional invader identification page.

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pharaoh ant eating sugar

Pharaoh Ants

These indoor loving pests have the potential to become a problem inside of any space that provides them with steady temperatures and easy access to food. Learn more about pharaoh ants.

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rodent in washington home backyard


The largest group of mammals, there are over 1,500 species of rodents in existence. In the Pacific Northwest, the rodents that cause the most problems for homes and businesses include mice and rats. Learn more when you visit our rodent identification page.

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spider in the driveway of washington home


A quick Google search will reveal that there are thousands of species of spiders in existence – some are venomous while others are harmless. Here in Washington state, there are a handful of spiders to be aware of. Visit our spider identification page to learn more about these arachnids.

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yellow jacket on porch of washington home

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are beneficial to the environment because of their ability to pollinate flowers, crops and other plants. Some species also help keep insect populations down. Unfortunately, they can also be a serious issue for property owners. Visit our stinging insects identification page for more information about these pests.

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termite eating wood in a washington home


Wood destroying insects, termite often avoid detection while they cause damage to structures in Washington. Learn more about these pests including what they look like, how to tell if you have a termite problem and more when you visit our termite identification page.

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tick on a household pet


In Central Washington, the most common types of ticks are capable of spreading serious illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever through their bites. Visit our tick identification page to learn more.

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squirrel on the handrail of a washington back porch


When wildlife infest residential and commercial properties, the resulting damage can be quite extensive. Find out more about the types of nuisance wildlife that can be found in Washington by visiting our wildlife identification page.

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powder post beetle in washington state

Wood Destroying Insects

Washington State is home to several wood destroying insects including some species of ants, termites, and beetles. Visit our wood destroying insect identification page to learn more about these destructive pests.

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