Where Did All These Flies Come From In My Kittitas County Home?

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house fly on table

When flies are invading your Kittitas County home, it can be difficult to tell at first which different species of flies are invading and how they are managing to make it inside. Luckily, pest control in Kittitas County can help you understand what attracts flies and how to prevent flies in the future.

Fly Entry Points

In Kittitas County, there are several different species of flies that you may encounter around your home, including cluster flies, house flies, drain flies, fruit flies, and gnats. These flies may all quickly enter your home through specific entry points, such as the cracks between windows and doors, via broken window or door screens, or through exterior entrances that regularly remain open. It is essential to seal up these entry points, or else you can likely end up with a constant stream of flies making their way into your home, growing an infestation, and causing more of a problem.

Things That Attract Flies

Being aware of what attracts flies to your home is vital if you want to make your home less desirable for fly infestations. We discuss what may bring flies into your home below and give you tips on how to reduce these factors:

  • All fly species are drawn to the aroma of rotting food or trash. Be sure to store leftover food properly and dispose of spoiled food. Seal up trash bags tightly and utilize trash cans with lids whenever possible. Always clean up food or drink spills.
  • Clean up your yard and don’t leave any pet waste, as flies love to gather on organic waste. Also, remove any debris or rotting fruit in your yard because these will attract flies to your property.
  • Fix up moisture issues around your home. Excess pools of moisture can attract flies looking to breed or set up their home near an easy source of water.
  • Don’t leave out dirty dishes or large piles of clutter in your home. These things may attract flies looking for a place to feed or live.

Problem With Flies In Your Home

Flies can be a serious problem once they enter your home because of the number of diseases they can transmit. Due to their habits of landing on organic waste, trash, and other unhygienic areas, flies pick up bacteria and pathogens that they will then deposit around your home. This increases your risk of contracting an illness such as cholera, dysentery, food positioning, or typhoid fever. You must get rid of flies invading your home if you want to avoid the health risk that fly infestations present; Prosite can easily help you with this.

Fly Control For Kittitas County Homes

If you want to get rid of flies, you should be reaching out to the professional fly control provided by Prosite. The best way to catch flies, in addition to understanding how to prevent flies, is by reducing access to major fly attractors and letting our experts take care of any infestation you are dealing with.

Our specialists at Prosite are highly trained and will be able to provide you with targeted solutions that deal with whichever fly species are infesting your home. Our experts will ensure that your home is protected year-round, so you can rest easy knowing fly infestations will be eliminated.