Effective Strategies For Squirrel Control: Tips For A Squirrel-Free Yakima County Property

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Wildlife control in Yakima County is the key to managing squirrel problems on your property. Squirrels may not be especially vicious pests, and they’re certainly not known for outright attacking humans unless they’re really ill. However, squirrels can still be a serious concern for your home. 

One of the fundamental difficulties of dealing with squirrels on your property is their inherent intelligence. Squirrels are smarter than all insect pests, and their evolutionary line has also made them especially agile. You can take some key steps to prevent squirrel problems on your property. We’ll be talking about those a bit later, but here, at the start, we want to emphasize that you should never try to approach or trap squirrels on your own; this is generally unsafe, and it’s not likely to solve your squirrel problem. 

Fortunately, we have a lot of useful advice to share on how you can safely and efficiently address squirrel problems without ever getting near them. This article will cover basic squirrel behavior, health concerns, prevention, and the professional pest control Prosite offers. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Squirrel Behavior And Biology: Insights For Effective Control

Across the globe, there are many types of squirrels, but only a few of those species are common in this part of the United States. The squirrels you’re likely to see on your property generally share the same basic biology and behavioral patterns. 

At the most basic level, squirrels are rodents; this means they have to look out for larger predators and tend to rest either in enclosed spaces or out of reach of predators. 

Squirrels are also famous for hoarding certain food sources they can return to during the winter months when they might not be able to secure fresh food. Additionally, squirrels are territorial. If they feel secure in a particular place and can easily obtain food, they will defend their territory from other squirrels and try to avoid being forced out. 

Because of their vulnerability to predators, squirrels are skittish. If they perceive a threat of any kind, they will most likely run away. 

As for squirrel biology, their small size means they need relatively little food at any given time, but they still need frequent access to food. Their size also makes it easier for them to squeeze into small spaces difficult for humans to reach. 

Squirrel-Related Health Concerns: Handling Droppings And Disease Risks

One of the reasons why wildlife removal is so important, particularly for squirrels, is that wildlife can cause serious health risks for nearby humans. 

For example, squirrel droppings can build up when there are a lot of squirrels in the area, and these droppings can sometimes contain dangerous germs, such as salmonellosis. If humans come into contact with these germs, it can lead to symptoms like nausea and fever. 

It’s also worth noting that squirrels can fall prey to parasitic insects like ticks. So, if squirrels are nearby, there is also a risk of being exposed to ticks, which can spread a much wider variety of viruses and diseases.  

Of course, the best way to completely avoid these health risks is to remove squirrels from your property and squirrel-proof your yard for extra protection. 

Tips For Squirrel-Proofing Your Yard: Protecting Your Home And Garden

Wildlife pest control for squirrels and other common critters really begins with prevention efforts, and we’ve gathered a list of effective squirrel-proofing strategies that you can start using right away, such as: 

  • Address any water sources like bird baths and water bowls for pets. 
  • Make sure your yard doesn’t provide sources of food for squirrels. For example, you should collect and remove fallen fruit from trees. 
  • Use mulch in your garden; this naturally deters squirrels. 
  • Only use bird feeders marked as being squirrel-proof. You can also remove your bird feeders entirely. 
  • Make sure the outer walls of your home don’t offer any holes or gaps that squirrels could squeeze through.  

These strategies will significantly reduce the chances of attracting squirrels to your yard. Food and water are especially important. They'll move on to another property if they can’t get what they need from your yard. 

Squirrel Control Done Right: Contact The Experts Today!

Pest control for squirrels is always best left to the professionals. Wildlife control experts have the know-how and the equipment needed to manage squirrel problems of all kinds. Soon enough, your yard will return to being a place of quiet relaxation.