How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Yakima County Home

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Housefly on a countertop.

Noticing flies indoors can seem to be part of everyday life in central Washington, but does it have to be? Want to know how to keep flies out of your Yakima County home? Take a few preventative actions or simply contact our specially trained associates at Prosite for help managing pesky property houseflies.

Housefly 101

Just about everyone in the Pacific Northwest has seen a common housefly at one time or another. They're so common in businesses and homes that residents may not even give these pests a second thought.

Adult houseflies typically don't surpass eight millimeters in length and can exhibit gray, tan, and yellow shades with black striping. Red eyes, two wings, six legs, and a pair of antennae complete the look. The larvae, aka maggots, hatch from eggs that resemble grains of white rice and then become pupae that change colors over time until developing into adults.

The Problems Flies Bring

Houseflies may be deemed a nuisance, but these nasty pests can be much more problematic. Garbage, decaying flesh, rotting food, and feces are a few choice spots that a fly lands on before flying into homes. Naturally, flies pick up pathogens and bacteria from these gross areas and can easily pass them on to humans by contaminating food preparation surfaces and household food.

When it comes to problems the housefly can cause, there isn't a shortage. While this species doesn't cause harm through bites or stings, it can cause medical issues. Typhoid, cholera, salmonellosis, shigellosis, and dysentery are some of the conditions caused by a housefly. These insects may also pass tapeworms, pinworms, and hookworms through their filthy behaviors.

Housefly Prevention Tips

Safeguard the home from these nasty, disease-spreading bugs by implementing some proven methods. Don't stress when wondering how to keep flies out of your Yakima County home; take these precautions:

  • Remember Pets: Flies love pet waste. Don't give these disgusting pests a reason to visit. Clean up after Fido and Fifi without delay to dissuade houseflies.
  • Sanitize: Of all the tips, this one is probably the most important and can significantly impact the presence of flies on site. As flies are attracted to gross materials, keeping these substances off the property can work wonders. Spray down countertops with a trusted disinfectant, then wipe down with a clean towel that can be washed or use disposable paper towels. Keep floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed.
  • Take Care Of Trash: Use garbage cans with locking lids throughout the home to deter flies from using these areas as field posts. Frequently empty garbage from around the house into an outside receptacle with a tightly fitting lid. Thoroughly clean all of the cans regularly.
  • Use Screens: Properly install screens on exterior doors and windows. Check any already in use to ensure they have not been compromised so flies cannot gain entry. Any screened-in porches should be evaluated for any flaws.

Pro Tip: Some folks may be tempted to use essential oils to try and fight flies. While lavender or lemongrass scents may repel the housefly to some extent, this method only impacts the adults and doesn't take care of the problem as a whole.

Keeping Flies Away In Central Washington

The housefly can be a real pain to deal with, but there are ways to alleviate this common issue. Still, wondering how to keep flies out of your Yakima County home? Get sensible advice from our knowledgeable technicians at Prosite. We can also assist customers in handling any housefly problems by implementing our comprehensive pest control plan.