What You Should Know If You're Seeing Earwigs Around Your Kittitas County Home

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earwig on leaf

There are few pests with an appearance as disconcerting as an earwig. Earwigs are common home-invading pests that can cause problems for homeowners throughout Kittitas County and the surrounding areas. In this article, we’ll explain why earwigs are a problem for property owners and the best way to remove these creepy-looking pests from your home.

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Earwigs Are A Very Creepy Looking Pest

One of the first things people notice when discovering earwigs in their homes is how creepy these pests look. They have elongated bodies that can range in color from black to reddish brown. Earwigs in Kittitas County also have light brown legs and a long pair of antennae extending from their heads. However, the trait that makes earwigs look frightening is the large pincher-like appendages protruding from the bottom of their abdomens. Earwigs use these pinchers to ward off perceived threats, including humans.

Although these common house pests may appear threatening, an earwig pinch is rarely strong enough to break the skin. Another reason many people find earwigs frightening is because of the myth that these pests will crawl into the ears of sleeping individuals and lay eggs in their brains. Thankfully, this is entirely untrue and is not representative of how earwigs actually behave. To learn how to keep earwigs away, partner with Prosite for all your pest management needs!

The Problems Caused By Earwigs

No one wants to discover an earwig infestation on their property. These pests might not pose any significant health or safety risks, but they’re certainly disconcerting to live with. These common pests frequently hide in dark, damp locations, such as basements and bathrooms. Although earwigs can cause damage to garden plants, the biggest problem they pose is simply being a nuisance. Earwigs may invade homes in large numbers or in solitary instances, depending on outdoor weather conditions.

If you start seeing earwigs crawling around in your Kittitas County home, don’t fret. The professionals here at Prosite are experienced in providing effective solutions for a wide range of pest problems, including earwigs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for more details about how we get rid of earwigs. 

Factors That Attract Earwigs To Your Property

Earwigs might not be the most disruptive house pests, but you still don’t want them hanging around your Kittitas County property. One of the most effective methods for preventing earwig infestations is to remove factors that could draw earwigs to your home in the first place. Some of the things that may attract earwigs to your property include:

  • Decaying wooden materials. Earwigs often hide under and around woodpiles, leaf litter, and other organic materials. 
  • Piles of leaves. If you have raked leaves around your home, it’s best to get rid of the piles as soon as possible.
  • Excess moisture. Earwigs, like many insects, are drawn toward properties with moisture issues, such as leaking pipes and poor gutter drainage. 
  • Cracks and crevices. Earwigs will squeeze themselves into dark crevices, some of which may lead directly into your home.

Removing factors that attract earwigs is only one method of prevention. The best way to control pest infestations of any kind is to work with an experienced pest control provider like Prosite. We’re ready to take on any pest problem at any time. We work hard to deliver excellent solutions with proven results. With our technicians working the job, you can rest assured that your property will have protection from pests year-round.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Earwig Problem

Earwigs might not be threatening pests, but they’re still a major nuisance to deal with in your home. When earwigs take over your Kittitas County property, your best option for removing them is to implement a professional home pest control plan from Prosite.

Our skilled team of licensed pest control professionals has what it takes to accurately identify, eliminate, and prevent pest problems of all shapes and sizes. By utilizing high-quality treatment methods and comprehensive pest management strategies, we stop pests before they have the opportunity to invade your residential property. Say goodbye to earwigs and many other frightening pests when you turn to the technicians at Prosite for help with your pest problems.