How Prosite Keeps Homes in Yakima County Termite-Free

April 30, 2019

a large swarm of termoted damaging a grand portion of a wooden sructure on a home in yakima county

Have you ever taken a walk through the forest and seen a dead tree with tunnels chewed all through it? It may have left you wondering, “What creature could do damage like this?” The answer is termites. However, a few chewed up trees in the woods are not what we are concerned about. We are much more concerned about what these wood-destroying pests can do to your home. That being said, let’s take a moment and discuss why these pests are entering into their active season and why now is your time to get your home the protection it needs.

Why Termites Are Entering Their Active Season

The good news about Washinton termites is that they are not fully active year-round. Our colder longer winters give us a reprieve from their destructive hunger. It is only when spring raises the temperature that termites begin to reemerge to destroy homes once again. In fact, it is around this time that termites begin to do something called swarming. This is a process where fully mature termite colonies spawn a winged breed of termites called swarmers. Now, although these flying termites do not pose a direct threat to the wood of your home, they are a sign of a potential new colony that will put your home at risk. Either way, termites are becoming more and more active as the weather heats up, and without the proper precautions, your home could be at risk.

How Prosite Handles Termites And Why DIY Alone Won’t Cut It

Here at Prosite Pest Control, we value termite awareness very highly. This is why we offer free, no-obligation, inspections to help you know if your home does or does not have a current termite problem.

But before we get into how we handle termites, let’s take a minute to talk about why you should leave termite control to the pros. The biggest reason why DIY is often ineffective is, when termites are inside, they hide deep within the wood of a home. This makes them extremely difficult to spot and even harder to know if treatments are successful.

When you choose Prosite, you don’t have to wonder if termites are still around, because we have the tools and treatments needed to ensure your home gets and stays termite free. More specifically, we have Termidor, a liquid-based termite treatment that takes advantage of a process called The Transfer Affect to fully and effectively eliminate entire colonies of termites that dare try to invade your home.

To get your very own Termidor treatments, or to schedule a free inspection for your home, give us a call today. One of our service representatives will be happy to help you find the protection you are looking for for your home.

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