Keeping Wasps Away From Your Kittitas County Yard This Spring

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Wasp crawling on wood.

Kittitas County homeowners have a lot of different kinds of pests to deal with. Some can cause property damage. Some can contaminate food stores. Others are nuisances. Some pests, however, have the potential to be aggressive, and wasps number among them. Wasps are hive insects and will protect their colony aggressively if they feel threatened. Venomous stings, especially when there are many of them, can cause serious reactions and potentially place affected individuals at risk of hospitalization. Unfortunately, wasps often choose to build their nests in close proximity to humans, in places that all but guarantee close encounters of the worst kind.

Wasps don’t mind sharing your property, but they don’t play well with others. They can be quick to sting, and their stings are venomous. If you need pest control in Kittitas County for wasp infestations, Prosite can help. We are the area’s best pest control company, and we know how to get rid of wasps. Call us today for help.

The Role Wasps Play In Our Ecosystem

Wasps serve more than one function in the ecosystem. Wasps are natural hunters and help keep other insect populations under control through direct predation. These insect populations could easily get out of hand without wasps to control them on a consistent basis. Wasps also serve a role in pollination just like bees. Moving from flower to flower, they serve the same function of spreading pollen. Wasps are industrious insects and visit flowers almost as often as honeybees. Before bees arrived in the Americas, wasps served a major role in plant pollination. In fact, vineyards often rely on wasps for both functions. The wasps pollinate the grapes while also helping to control pest insects that may invade the plants later.

The best way to get rid of wasps in Kittitas County is to contact Prosite today. DIY wasp control efforts can end in painful stings, but our seasoned technicians can help you get rid of unwanted wasps quickly and pain-free.

The Many Problems A Wasp Infestation Can Create In Your Yard

Wasp infestations can cause several problems in your home. Some of them are obvious, but others, while not obvious, can still be serious. Here are some of the problems wasps can cause:

  • Stings: This is the most obvious. Wasps can sting in swarms, which can be serious. Children and pets, being naturally curious, have a high incidence of encounters.
  • Damage: Depending on where wasps build their nest, they may cause home damage.
  • Area denial: Wasps are highly protective, and tend to force you to stay away. Wasps can be protective of large areas around their nests.
  • Other insects: Abandoned wasp nests can be attractive to other pests.

Wasps can bring a lot of problems along with them when they come into your home, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Prosite knows how to kill wasps, and we can help you. Get in touch to discuss our treatment and prevention methods today. You will be glad you did.

Tips And Tricks To Prevent Wasps In Your Yard

Proper wasp control is critical if you want to decrease the chances of encountering wasps in your yard. Here are some simple tips that can help you decrease your chances of encountering wasps and potentially getting stung:

  • Seal garbage: All insects are highly attracted to garbage. Seal it to discourage them.
  • Water sources: Insects are drawn to open water sources. Eliminate water sources.
  • Other insects: Wasps hunt other insects. Control other insects to control wasps.
  • Housing: Eliminate clutter - including inside - to decrease wasp housing opportunities.
  • Inspect frequently: Catching a wasp infestation early helps you eliminate it easier.

These are a few simple tips for how to keep wasps away. Using them can help decrease your chances of encountering wasps. Wasps are highly dynamic, however, and might still make their way onto your property. If you need help getting rid of wasp infestations, Prosite wants to partner with you. Drop us a line today in order to get rid of wasps fast.

Call The Professionals For Total Wasp Control For Your Yard

Kittitas County wasp control is critical if you want to keep your yard and home safe from wasps. DIY techniques are often ineffective in getting rid of wasps and preventing new infestations, and also pose the risk of stings. Don’t try to go it alone with wasps. Call Prosite instead. We have a long history of satisfied clients, and you can be one too.