The Ultimate Spider Prevention Guide For Your Kittitas County Home

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a cellar spider in its web

Located in the central part of Washington State, Kittitas County is close to the Columbia River and the Cascade Mountains. This beautiful county is a great place to live. Whether you like to live close to town or in wide-open spaces, Kittitas County has homes to suit everyone's tastes. One pest in the local area that doesn't seem picky when it comes to homes is the local spider. Without pest control in Kittitas County, more than a few different species might show up for a visit.

Types Of Spiders Commonly Found In Kittitas County

Kittitas County is home to a wide variety of eight-legged spiders (arachnids). Most home invaders are harmless, but one, in particular, can be harmful. That’s why it’s good to know which ones are in your home.

Five common household spiders in Kittitas County homes include:

  1. Hobo spiders: These spiders build funnel-shaped webs. Their oblong bodies are typically light brown/medium brown; a dark stripe typically runs down their backs. They usually measure 1 to 1 3/4 inches long (not including legs).
  2. Cellar spiders: These spiders build loose, irregular webs. They have long, thin legs and rounded bodies (about ¼ inch long); their coloration can vary from light brown to gray to pale yellow.
  3. Wolf spiders: They don't build webs, choosing to run down their prey. Their hairy, heavyweight bodies (1/2 to 2 inches long) are a dirty brown/grayish coloration.
  4. Giant house spider: These are funnel weavers. They have incredibly long legs (3/4 to 4-inch leg span) and are fast. Their dark grayish/brown body (1/2 to 1 inch long) is pretty hairy with a pattern of spots (pale) on their chest and dark spots on the bottom of their legs.
  5. Black widow spiders: This spider spins irregular webs. It has a shiny black body (1 1/2 to 1 3/8 inches long). Its most distinguishing mark is a red hourglass located on its underbelly.

Spiders found in local homes are rarely a welcome sight. While most will leave you alone if you leave them alone, the thought of them crawling around your house is unsettling. When the "creepy-crawlies" come calling, it's always good to know there's a spider expert like Prosite nearby.

Most Spiders Bite; Some Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

Most spiders like to stay away from people, hide out in sheltered, quiet areas of homes, and go about their business undisturbed; they rarely bite. Usually, spiders will only strike when they feel threatened or trapped. Many spider bites aren't powerful enough to penetrate a person's skin; most bites that do pierce the skin will have a mild sting (like a bee sting) and some redness and swelling. Black widow bites are different. People typically feel an immediate sharp pain lasting up to three days. Some individuals may experience sweats, nausea, fever, and problems with high blood pressure. On the positive side, black widow bites are rarely fatal.

While most spiders around your home are just a nuisance, some can inflict painful bites. To ensure your Kittitas County home is safe from dangerous spiders, it's always best to call in the pest professionals at Prosite when you notice an increase in spider activity around your home.

Five Simple And Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

Homeowners don't have to put up with spiders in their houses. Being proactive against spider invasions is obtainable with a few simple fixes around your home.

Five simple and practical tips to prevent spiders in Kittitas County homes include:

  1. Check foundations for gaps/cracks and seal them off.
  2. Install or repair defective door/window screens.
  3. Fix gaps around doors/windows with weatherstripping or door sweeps.
  4. Trim tree limbs/bushes to stop them from touching your home.
  5. Inspect stored items you bring in from attics, basements, and garages.

While homeowners can make a valiant effort in the fight against invading spiders, sometimes those efforts fail. When spiders burst through your defenses, seek help from Prosite. We've got professional spider control solutions that can soon resolve your spider problems.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Spider Control Solution

If spider invasions have you on edge, call in the professional pest control experts at Prosite. We offer all-inclusive, year-round pest protection plans to prevent spiders in your home. Our three-level pest protection plans will fit any budget. Need protection from nuisance and dangerous pests? Call Prosite today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Kittitas County.