How To Get Rid Of A Spider Problem In Your Kittitas County Home

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a black widow spider on a web

A spider problem in your home can be a living nightmare for many people. Several common spiders in Washington will make their way inside under the right conditions. Most of these are not dangerous, but no matter which type you have, a large amount of spiders in your home is cause for concern.

Kittitas County pest control companies are your best asset whether you’re trying to prevent spiders in your home or looking for the best way to get rid of spiders you already have. Read on for helpful tips and to learn a little about the different kinds of spiders found in our area.

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

The following list can aid in identifying house spiders:

  • Black widow spiders are the only potentially dangerous spiders on our list. You’ll quickly identify these shiny black spiders by the red hourglass shape on their abdomens.
  • Cellar spiders are the types of spiders people typically call daddy long legs. They are pale in color and generally yellow, light brown, or gray.
  • Giant house spiders are large, with a four-inch leg span. They are typically dark orange, brown, or beige with hairy bodies.
  • Hobo spiders are similar in appearance to giant house spiders. They have long legs, are light brown to darkly colored, and you will notice a dark stripe down the center of the bodies.
  • Wolf spiders are thick hairy spiders with long legs; they are generally black or brown, sometimes showing lighter markings.

These are the most common spiders in Washington that will enter homes.

Why You Don’t Want Spiders Hanging Around Your Home

Most of the spiders found in homes are not dangerous, and you may only see one once in a while. If you have more than one spider, it can quickly become a problem when they mate. Some types of spiders can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, which quickly hatch. They can mate many times a year, creating an infestation rapidly.

It is also important to note that if you find evidence of black widow spiders around your home, calling a local pest control company is the safest way to deal with them. These spiders will bite if they feel threatened, particularly if they have just laid their eggs.

Natural Spider Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

Here are a few tips that can help prevent spiders in your home:

  • Periodically check outside of your home for cracks in siding or openings in window screens that may allow different kinds of spiders to enter your house.
  • Spiders in your house will create many webs. Take care to vacuum these up when you find them, and empty the vacuum outdoors to ensure no spiders or egg sacs remain.
  • Decluttering helps prevent many pests by removing some of their favorite hiding places.
  • An abundance of insects will attract spiders to your home, so it helps to work with a local pest control company to keep the insect population down on your property and in your home.

If these preventative measures fail and you have a spider problem, don’t hesitate to seek help.

The Most Effective Spider Control Solution For Your Home

Working with a local company like Prosite Pest Pontrol is the best way to get rid of spiders from your home. Our technicians are skilled at identifying house spiders of all kinds. While most of the spiders found in homes are a nuisance, they can be challenging to deal with on your own; the more dangerous spiders, like black widows, should be left to the professionals. Reach out to Prosite today to set up a consultation for your home.