How Termite Infestations Start In Kittitas County Homes

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One of the downsides to owning any type of wooden structure is the possibility of termites infesting it. These tiny critters are known to cause an extensive amount of property damage resulting in expensive renovations and repairs. That’s why it’s important to leap into action if you have a hunch that something is amiss.

Fortunately, Prosite values your home as well as your wallet. We provide the most advanced solutions to eradicate different kinds of termites on your property. Our expertly trained team uses the latest technology and industry best practices to resolve your pest problems rapidly. Read further to learn more about these wood-obsessed insects and how Kittitas County pest control professionals can transform your surroundings into a termite-free zone.

It's Unlikely That You'd Actually Ever See A Termite

No other insect species operates in such a covert manner the way termites in Kittitas County do. These elusive creatures are almost impossible to detect until significant damage occurs because they burrow deep into the wood, allowing them to steadily chomp away at it from the inside. However, there’re some telltale signs that may indicate you have a termite problem on your hands, such as mud tubes, discarded wings, and frass, which is excrement. You may also notice the following:

  • Your drywall is drooping or has become discolored.
  • Your wood structures give off a hollow sound when knocked on or tapped.
  • Your laminate or wooden flooring is starting to buckle.
  • Your tiles are beginning to loosen.
  • Your drywall contains tiny, pinpoint holes.

Other signs of termites in your home include incredibly squeaky floorboards or peeling paint that looks eerily similar to water damage. If you suspect any termite activity at all, reach out to your local home pest elimination company right away to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

Wonder what makes termites go crazy over your wooden fixtures and structures? Blame an organic substance called “cellulose” for these insects’ destructive behavior. These critters consume this material, which provides all the nutrients they need to survive and propagate the species.

Termites can cause significant property damage in a short amount of time. One of the reasons is because of how large their colonies can grow. Secondly, these insects never sleep. Imagine how much work you’d get done if you never needed one second of shut-eye. With a 24-hour wake cycle and a voracious appetite for all things wood, these pests can wreak havoc on your property over time if you don’t eliminate them. Therefore, be vigilant and give Prosite a call if you think you may have a termite issue.

How And Why Termites Invade Homes

Your home not only provides shelter and an abundance of food for you and your family, but it offers the same for termites. If you look around your property, you’ll likely notice plenty of wooden structures and fixtures that attract these critters like a magnet. Termites can infest your home in several ways. The first is by creating a direct connection from the soil to the wood. This usually happens when wood-based materials, such as siding or trim, make contact with the ground, allowing termites easy access.

These insects are also attracted to any wood debris you have lying around your yard, like firewood piles, lumber, or fallen branches. If located close to the exterior of your home, these items give termites another pathway to get inside. They can also enter homes through small gaps and cracks in the foundation.

Get your property properly inspected to avoid problems with termites by contacting a reputable termite and pest control company.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

When termites have descended upon your property, you have no time to waste trying out home remedies or do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques. Instead, contact our team at Prosite for professional and effective termite treatments.

We have the expertise and vast knowledge of pests to stop them in their tracks before they cause irreparable damage that could cost you a fortune. Get in touch with us today!