How To Completely Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Kittitas County Home

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Do you have a furry friend, like a cat or a dog? Many people own pets here in Kittitas County. As fun as having a furry friend can be, it does make you more susceptible to flea infestations, especially if you allow them to go outdoors. Today we will be talking about how to identify fleas and what methods work best to control these pests in Kittitas County.

To learn more, keep reading. Check out our residential service page at Prosite for fast and professional pest control in Kittitas County. It will detail everything you need to know about these pests and point you to where you can make an appointment.

How To Tell If You're Dealing With A Flea Infestation In Your Home

One of the easiest ways to identify fleas is to look at your pets. If they are scratching or biting their fur excessively, it is probably due to flea bites. If you check inside their fur with a comb, you might also find flea eggs, live fleas, and flea dirt.  Things get tricky, however, if you don’t have pets. Fleas invade any home and regularly come indoors on the backs of wild animals like rats, mice, and birds.

If you find bite marks on your skin and don’t know if they are from fleas, we recommend scheduling your home for a detailed pest inspection; this is the best way to stop these pests.

How Fleas Can Be Harmful To Both People And Pets

The last thing you want is a flea nest inside your home. When these pests settle in, they settle deep. One problem that can come with a flea infestation is a disease. These tiny biting pests are known for picking up and transmitting harmful organisms to both people and animals. They are one of the leading causes of tapeworm in pets. They were also the main spreaders of the bubonic plague, also known as the black death, in the 13th century. Today fleas mainly spread murine typhus, tungiasis, tularemia, and the bubonic plague to humans. The best way to avoid getting sick inside your home is to ensure these pests do not invade in the first place; this you do with professional or DIY methods.

The Best Way To Completely Eliminate A Flea Infestation

Fleas must stay out of your home. To prevent these pests, we highly recommend investing in a year-round pest control plan courtesy of Prosite. Our team understands your need and trains hard to be able to provide top-tier elimination, identification, and exclusion options to deal with invasive insects like fleas. Let us visit you and find a plan that best meets your need.

Five Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Future Flea Infestations

If you want extra protection against local fleas, you should consider taking the time to implement some simple prevention strategies inside and around your home. Here are five simple and effective options:

  1. Make sure to seal your home’s exterior correctly. Do this by filling in holes, gaps, and cracks with a caulking gun and repairing more serious damage.
  2. Fix damage to windows and doors and make sure they are in good repair.
  3. Install a fence around your yard and garden to keep out wild creatures that carry fleas.
  4. Avoid feeding pets outdoors, and keep your yard clean.
  5. Invest in flea and tick prevention for your pets.

Contact Prosite today if you want to learn more about our year-round pest control options and find a treatment option that best meets your Kittitas County home’s needs.