Toppenish, WA Pest Control

Toppenish, Washington, is the largest city within the Yakama Indian Reservation in the southern part of the state. Although it sits within the reservation, it's located on the eastern edge. Completely surrounded by beautiful foliage, pests are a concern for residents. Some of the most troublesome that Prosite Pest Control deals with are ants, fleas, and ticks.


Ant infestations are a common problem in Toppenish. They enter homes and business through tiny cracks around doors and windows in search of food and moisture. They're attracted to damp or rotting wood with mold, and they feed on cheese, dead insects, meat, peanut butter, sugar, and vegetables. Once they infest a building, ants can grow in colonies of thousands very quickly because juveniles mature in just days.

To effectively get rid ants, you need to properly identify the species. The most common are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. Although pavement and odorous house ants don't pose a health risk, they can contaminate food. However, carpenter ants destroy wood when they make their nests, so they can cause significant structural damage to buildings.

It's also important that you differentiate ants with wings from termites to determine the right treatment. For example, ants have narrow, segmented bodies and their two sets of wings are different sizes.


Fleas are parasitic pests that people generally associate with pets. Although the larvae feed on organic debris such as feces from the adults, the adults feed on the blood of live hosts. They prefer hairy animals such as cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, rats, squirrels and other mammals. However, they also feed on humans when their original hosts are no longer around.

Fleas can enter homes and businesses by hitching a ride on pets and other hosts. Once inside, they can lay eggs on the ground and in carpets, cracks in the floor and rugs. Since they can jump long distances, they can lay their eggs in bedding and upholstery as well. Getting rid of fleas requires the right treatment, and preventative measures are necessary for keeping them away.


People usually picture warm summer months when they think about ticks. Although that's the season in which they're most prevalent, some ticks are active all year. Like fleas, they're parasites that feed on the blood of a host. They prefer animals such as bats, birds, cats, deer, and dogs, so pets are a common access point for ticks into homes. However, ticks can survive for up one year without feeding if a host isn't available.

After a blood meal, ticks drop from their hosts and lay thousands of eggs. They look for tiny crevices to do this, which can cause infestations in buildings. Afterward, the adults die. After hatching, which can take months, ticks mature into adults in stages. Factors that affect their growth include food availability, humidity, temperature, and species.

It's essential for the public to eliminate ticks when they notice them and check for the possibility of laid eggs in their homes or businesses. Aside from the threat of a major infestation, ticks can spread numerous diseases when they feed. Fortunately, getting ant, flea and tick control in Toppenish is easy and affordable. Call Prosite Pest Control for all of your pest control needs.