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What are lady beetles?

Lady beetles are a type of insect that gardeners want to have in their garden to help get rid of aphids and other garden pests. However, when lady beetles invade our homes they turn from wanted to unwanted very quickly.
If there was an award for being “cute” in the insect world, the lady beetle would probably win. Lady beetles have a convex or domed shaped body and are smooth and shiny. They grow to about ¼” in length.

Asian lady beetles have wings and are able to fly.

Most lady beetles you come across have red bodies with black spots. But lady beetles also come in a variety of other colors including yellow, tan, and orange, and may or may not have black markings.
The most identifying feature of a lady beetle is the black “M or “W” marking located on the shield that covers and protects the head.

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Why do I have a problem with lady beetles?

Lady beetles generally only become a problem for people when they decide to use our Washington homes as a place to overwinter. In the late fall, lady beetles congregate on the sunny sides of structures including our homes. As they move up our homes they often find a way inside through gaps and cracks they discover.
Once inside they move to dark quiet areas (attics, wall voids, behind window or door trim) to spend the winter. In the spring when the temperatures rise they migrate back outside to live, feed, and breed.
These pests have the potential to invade by the hundreds and once inside are difficult to get rid of.

Are lady beetles dangerous?

Lady beetles are not dangerous to people, in fact, they help us out quite a bit when living outside in our gardens. These beetles feed on and help to control garden pests that damage flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Sometimes they will feed on and damage crops, but the majority of the time these insects are helpful.
When lady beetles move into our homes and become crushed they emit a very unpleasant odor and have the potential to stain walls and upholstery with a yellowish fluid. They are also difficult to control which makes them a very frustrating pest to deal with.

Do lady beetles bite?

If a lady beetle is feeling threatened they will bite which causes a quick sharp pain. However, lady beetles are not typically aggressive towards people, and so receiving bites from lady beetles is not a huge concern.

How do I get rid of lady beetles?

Keep lady beetles out of your home with the help of the professionals at Prosite Pest Control. We will work with you to put into place the service needed to eliminate current problems with lady beetles and prevent future problems with these nuisance pests. Our friendly and highly trained staff perform effective treatments using modern equipment to ensure that your home becomes and stays free of lady beetles and other pests. To learn more about our lady beetle control solutions, reach out to Prosite Pest Control today.

How do I prevent problems with lady beetles?

At Prosite Pest Control, in addition to our professional services, we recommend implementing the following lady beetle prevention tips:

  • Make sure open windows and doors have intact screens.

  • Place covers over vents and chimney openings.

  • Repair damaged siding and holes along the roofline.

  • Seal cracks in the foundation.

  • Cut landscaping and other vegetation away from the exterior of your home.

  • Locate flower and vegetable gardens a distance away from the outside of your home.


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