The Problem With Lady Bugs On Your Yakima County Property

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an up close image of a lady bug on a leaf

From a distance, lady bugs are cute and seemingly innocent creatures. But lady bugs in Yakima County aren't all they seem. In fact, these local pests could cause serious trouble for you. Find out why you should think twice before allowing lady bugs to remain on your property.

What Are Lady Bugs?

Almost anyone can identify a lady bug, but that doesn't mean they're well-understood. Lady bugs are one of the more misunderstood of the Yakima County pests.

These pests are usually red or orange and have black spots. Typically, they're easy to identify by their hard exterior and coloration. Lady bugs have wings and fly away whenever they feel threatened or want to move on. It's worth mentioning that these pests go by several names and can have various color patterns. At times, they go by lady bird, lady beetle, and much more.

While some lady bugs meet the traditional look, others are more difficult to identify. They could have stripes, odd colors, and unusual patterns. You may need to consult with a pest control professional to identify your pest problem.

Aren't Lady Bugs Good?

For years, farmers have been relying on lady bugs to eat their pests. Lady bugs eat aphids and other pests that feed on vegetables and garden plants. If you're an avid gardener, you may rely on lady bugs to protect your plants.

Unfortunately, lady bugs aren't all good. They sometimes enter homes and take over. While a few lady bugs in your garden is a great thing, hundreds of lady bugs in your home are unsettling. Lady bugs might not damage your home, but they could make you feel uncomfortable. Once lady bugs get inside, it's challenging to get them out.

Although it's rare, lady bugs are capable of biting. Their bite can be painful, so you may want to avoid contact at all costs. When a lady bug bites you, there's a chance of pain and discomfort. Making matters worse is the fact that lady bugs can stain your furniture. They have pheromones that attract more lady bugs and leave behind permanent reminders of their presence.

Perhaps the biggest issue with lady bugs is their size. Because these pests are so small, they can enter homes through the smallest of cracks. Despite your efforts to seal your home, you may not be able to keep lady bugs out. They are particularly likely to invade if the weather is cold. In the winter, lady bugs could choose to weather out the cold inside your home.

Taking Steps To Control Lady Bugs

Sadly, lady bug prevention is complicated. If you have a garden and typical garden pests, you probably have lady bugs nearby. It's only a matter of time before these invasive pests end up inside your home.

As hard as you might try to seal up your home, lady bugs could still find a way inside. They might use the space around your electrical wires or plumbing to get indoors. Once they do, you're in trouble. You could have to deal with lady bugs for years.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to deal with lady bugs. Our professionals at Prosite have come across large lady bug infestations and we know how to deal with them. With our knowledge and access to tools, we're able to take action. We can make sure lady bugs leave your property and don't return.

Your home should be a comfortable place. Although lady bugs might not seem like a problem pest, they certainly are. Call us now and learn more about how we can help you with home and commercial pest control.