Help! There Are Earwigs All Over My Kittitas County Home

Earwigs have become a thing of legend for good reason. These creepy crawlies may be an eyesore, but the myths that surround them are nothing more than stories. In reality, earwigs are insects that usually come indoors by accident or because the conditions are more optimal than what they can find outside.

Consequently, getting rid of them is pretty simple. Pest control in Kittitas County is your best bet to get rid of earwigs and protect your home. Keep reading to learn more about these legendary pests.

Do Earwigs Harm Humans?

In most ways, earwigs are harmless. They don't carry diseases like other dangerous pests, and the earwig bite most people fear is actually a pinch from the earwig's pincers. While a pinch might be uncomfortable it is unlikely to break the skin, and you have nothing to fear as far as venom or bacteria from these insects. This doesn't mean that they should be left alone, however.

Earwigs aren't the most attractive house guests, and it's safe to say that nobody wants a family of them moving into their basements. In addition to pinching in defense, earwigs can also spray a noxious liquid, but again, this will have a minimal impact on people.

Earwigs feed exclusively on organic, usually decaying plant material. They won't be able to find this inside, and unlike other occasional invaders, earwigs won't resort to eating your books or wallpaper. As disturbing as they appear, the threats of having earwigs in your home are minimal. Nevertheless, it's easy to keep them out with a little bit of maintenance.

Is There Anything Good About Having Earwigs In Your Home?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, no there is not. Earwigs aren't beneficial, even though they're not really harmful either. When they do come inside, the most likely consequence you will notice is being creeped out. Outdoors, however, earwigs are a beneficial recycling organism that helps to break down and reuse decaying organic matter. Sort of like worms, earwigs can maintain your gardens by making fallen leaves disappear.

Earwigs do eat seedlings and cause problems for gardens. The most likely reason for this would be overpopulation. If earwigs are eating up your garden plants, you could benefit from earwig control from pest control professionals or earwig repellent to protect your seedlings.

Five Myths About Earwigs

Earwigs are deceptively simple creatures. They're really not even problematic as a home-invading pest, so perhaps that is why they've built an impressive reputation as a fearsome creature that could harm you. The truth is, earwigs are pushovers. Let's look at five myths about earwigs and the truth behind them.

  1. Earwigs crawl into your ears. This disturbing myth probably originated as a bedtime story to scare children, though it seems like an official reason for earwigs' name isn't fully known. While it's not impossible to get earwigs in your ears, it's highly unlikely. If an earwig did mistakenly make its way into your ear, it would make a swift exit.
  2. Earwigs can burrow into your brain. Earwigs do burrow to escape cold temperatures and hibernate underground to survive. However, they aren't very good diggers. Their forceps are relatively weak, so when they do dig, they target soil that's easy to sift through. Your ear canal doesn't meet those qualifications.
  3. Earwigs bite. Similar to the last myth's explanation, earwigs do not have mouthparts capable of biting. While they may pinch you if threatened, this is unlikely to even break the skin.
  4. Earwigs will destroy your garden. As previously mentioned, earwigs can eat seedlings and certain garden plants, but they prefer decaying plant matter or soft-bodied insects. Unless their population grows out of control, earwigs will not be a problem in your garden. However, in unseasonably moist years, you may need to keep a more careful eye on your herbs.
  5. Earwigs live inside as much as outside. These moisture-loving insects prefer humid environments, which may lead them to travel indoors. However, indoor infestations are both uncommon and unlikely.

The truth is that earwigs are relatively harmless pests, but even harmless pests can become a nuisance.

How To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Kittitas County Home

If you have earwigs in your house, or they're overtaking your garden, you may have an earwig infestation. Getting control of these pests is easy when you call Prosite. Not only can we inspect, treat, and re-treat your home with year-round protection programs, but we can also help you to modify your home to keep these and other pests at bay. At Prosite, we want to work with you to keep your family safe. To see our residential pest control program options or request a consultation, call Prosite today.

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