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What are German cockroaches?

One of the most common species of cockroaches to invade our homes and businesses is the German cockroach. They are a difficult pest to control because they move quickly, are prolific breeders, and are able to fit their small flat bodies through the tiniest of spaces. German cockroaches are adaptive creatures that can make themselves at home in almost any structure.

German roaches have flat oval-shaped bodies and are light brown or tan. They have two dark lines located near their head, six legs, and long antennae. Both females and males have wings but do not fly. Adults grow to about 5/8th of an inch in length.

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Why do I have a problem with German cockroaches?

Preferring an indoor lifestyle, German cockroaches have the potential to become a problem in any Washington home or business. They are, however, most attracted to properties offering them easy access to food. Cockroaches forage for food in garbage cans, compost piles, our pet’s food bowls, and even in garden areas.

These pests can find their way inside many different ways. They move inside through cracks and crevices in foundations and exterior walls or through vents. Hitchhiking their way inside of grocery bags, boxes, deliveries, pieces of used furniture, and electronics is one of their most common modes of transportation. German cockroaches also move freely through floors and walls using pipes, walls, and ducts as roadways.

Where do German cockroaches nest?

German cockroaches have a wide distribution and live and nest inside restaurants, grocery stores, food processing facilities, apartment buildings, schools, and our homes. They prefer damp dark areas that are near sources of food like kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Common spots to find German cockroaches include drawers, cabinets, spaces under sinks, and behind large appliances, wooden molding, and wall voids.

Are German cockroaches dangerous?

German cockroaches are not a pest that you want to live in or near your home for any period of time. They have the potential to contaminate food, dishes, food prep areas, and other surfaces with viruses, bacteria, parasites, and human pathogens.
Another problem with these pests is that their shed skins and feces trigger allergies and asthma attacks. In most cases, young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are most susceptible.
In addition, the presence of German cockroaches inside of your home can cause damage to personal belongings like upholstery, curtains, clothing, and walls. They also are known for creating an unpleasant musty odor inside of homes and businesses they have moved into.

How do I get rid of German cockroaches?

If you’ve found German cockroaches crawling around in your home or business, contact Prosite Pest Control right away. Our team will conduct an onsite inspection to accurately identify the species and develop a treatment plan to get rid of these pests. If you’re interested in learning more about our German cockroach control services in Ellensburg and the surrounding area, please reach out to Prosite today!

How do I prevent problems with German cockroaches?

At Prosite, we recommend implementing the following German cockroach prevention tips for your property:

  • Inspect the foundation and exterior walls sealing any openings discovered.

  • Place weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Repair damaged screens.

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Make sure all outdoor trash cans and compost bins have locking lids.

  • Repair leaky pipes and fixtures inside and outside of your home.

  • Keep humidity levels in your home low by using dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

  • Wash dishes and remove trash from your home daily.

  • Keep kitchen and pantry areas free of crumbs.

  • Store food in refrigerators not on counters or tables.

  • Keep lids to food containers closed.

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