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What are cellar spiders?

Cellar spiders (family Pholcidae) are gray, pale yellow, or light brown colored, with eight thin legs. There are two kinds of cellar spiders: short and long-bodied. Both types of cellar spiders can range from gray to brown to light tan in coloration, and both have small oval-shaped bodies with thin legs. 
As their names suggest, the difference between the two subtypes of cellar spiders is their size. Long-bodied cellar spiders can grow up to two inches in length, while short-bodied cellar spiders in Ellensburg and surrounding areas tend to be about 1/2 inch long.

two adult cellar spiders

Why do I have a problem with cellar spiders?

Cellar spiders enter homes for shelter and to feed on insects and other spiders. Cellar spiders will set up their homes in dark, damp places and like areas that are not heavily trafficked such as corners, windows, cabinets, plumbing traps, and anywhere they can find moisture and dark isolation. 
If you notice cellar spiders, these opportunities inside are likely the reason for these spiders’ occupation in your home. As always, the most common reason for a spider problem is usually that you have other pests problems going on as well.

Where do cellar spiders hide?

As their name suggests, cellar spiders like to set up their homes in dark, damp basement corners, sheds, warehouses, and crawl spaces. These spiders spin large, loose webs that are a chaos of fibers tucked away in dark corners to catch insects. These conditions make it easier for them to hide away.

Are cellar spiders dangerous?

Cellars are harmless spiders that appear on every continent except for Antarctica and are commonly mistaken for daddy longlegs because of their leg length. While not dangerous, cellar spider’s large webs can be difficult to remove, making them a nuisance. Cellar spiders may also bite, though their mouths are too weak to break through human skin and inject venom.

How do I get rid of cellar spiders?

Expert pest control is the most effective means of handling cellar spiders and pests that may contribute to cellar spiders' food supply. Although cellar spiders can be killed with non-chemical and chemical products, we recommend that you contact us for the best results as true colony size needs to be gauged through our process of inspecting. 
Prosite Pest Control specializes in pest control services tailored to eliminating pests like spiders in Central Washington homes. After inspection, we target and eliminate cellar spiders, offer routine follow-ups to ensure that your home is fully rid of spiders, and provide tips to prevent re-infestations. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control treatments for spiders in Ellensburg and the surrounding area Check out our homepage pest control page for more information on how we can keep your home pest-free.

How do I prevent problems with cellar spiders?

There are several effective techniques for preventing problems with cellar spiders in Ellensburg. Here are some of the most impactful tips that you can start using around your home:

  • Check your home’s interior and exterior for foundation cracks that could serve as gateways for spiders and seal them with caulk.

  • Install door sweeps beneath all doors leading outside (especially under basement doors).

    Stack any firewood at least 20 feet from your home and check firewood before bringing it inside.

  • Keep your home exterior free of any debris that may serve as a hiding/breeding spot for spiders; this includes rocks, leaves, grass, and woodpiles.

  • Reduce clutter and organize inside the home as much as possible to reduce hiding spaces.

  • Measure humidity levels and, if necessary, get a humidifier if you’re noticing insects and spiders inside.

  • Remove spider webs (cellar spiders, in particular, love to keep using the same webs).

  • Close windows and doors leading with outside access as much as possible.

  • For serious infestations, contact us to find out how we can rid your home of cellar spiders.

Have cellar spiders started making their presence felt around your Washington home? Don’t wait! Call the pros at Prosite today and send the spiders in your home packing.

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