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In a perfect world, our to-do list wouldn’t include pest prevention activities around our homes and businesses. Those of us Bristol residents with bills to pay and mouths to feed don’t really have time to consider what could be attracting pests into our properties or how we could keep them out. However, pest control is one thing that, when left in the “do later” pile, will come back to bite you sooner and more severely than you think.

Residential Pest Control In Bristol, WA

Owning a home is a huge responsibility and an almost constant battle against the elements. If pests and rodents aren’t one of the elements you’re protecting your home against, then you’re playing a very dangerous game. Many of the most common home and yard invaders (like mosquitoes, mice, roaches, and rats) can lead to dangerous health conditions in your home. Whether they’re transmitting disease through a bite or carrying dangerous bacteria into your food preparation areas, the health concerns are very real when it comes to pest and rodent infestations.
Along with health concerns, though, these pests and many others will also cause a lot of damage to your Bristol properties. Many pests release chemicals as they move around that can turn your walls yellow if the infestation is severe enough, and home-invading rodents almost always cause damage with their sharp teeth, chewing through anything from wood to siding materials, drywalls, linens, laundry, electrical wiring, and AC ducts. There may be things you can do to limit your chances of an infestation, but professional pest control services are the only guaranteed solution to combating possible pest and rodent infestations.

What Is Attracting All These Flies To My Bristol, WA Home?

a house fly crawling on kitchen counters in bristol washington

Many people put house flies into the nuisance pest category (especially since they’re so annoying). However, they’re actually very dangerous, equipped with the ability to transfer harmful bacteria to your stored food and food preparation areas. When house flies get into your home, they breed rapidly, so it’s very hard to get out in front of the problem. Plus, since they can fly and avoid danger by escaping into your AC ducts, it can be very hard to get rid of them on your own.
To avoid an infestation in the first place, you’ll want to limit the factors that are attracting them onto your property by:

  • Keeping your trash cans clean and closed securely.
  • Cleaning up pet feces from the yard.

  • Storing leftover food properly and promptly.

If these methods don’t get rid of your fly problem, then call Prosite Pest Control for prevention methods you can count on.

Three Things Everyone In Bristol, WA Ought To Know About Bed Bugs

a bed bug crawling on furniture in bristol

When it comes to pest control, it can be a lot easier to worry about flies than bed bugs. Sure, bed bugs are a bit rarer, but they can get into your house a lot easier than you think. By hitching a ride on items that you bring into your home yourself (namely, luggage and secondhand furniture), bed bugs will invade your house in large numbers and breed quickly once they’re in. Be careful about checking your luggage after a trip, as travel hubs like airport terminals are often bed bug hotspots.
Another thing you need to know about bed bugs is how to spot an infestation early. They’re very small, so you might not always see the bed bugs themselves. However, you’ll notice:

  • Itchy bumps on your skin.

  • Bloodstains on the sheets from feeding.

  • Rust-colored rings from their excrement.

Once you recognize the signs, it’s time to call in professional help. The last thing that many people fail to realize about bed bugs is that they can be hazardous to your health. Prolonged infestations often lead to skin damage, insomnia, and anemia, so don’t increase those risks by trying to eradicate infestations with inconsistent home remedies. Instead, initiate a bed bug control plan from the experts at Prosite Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Bristol, WA

Unfortunately, the home-invading pests and rodents aren’t picky when it comes to what kind of building they’ll infest. So, if you’re a business owner or manager, that means your business is at risk as well. While it may not be as homey a place in your eyes, pests enjoy businesses because they often provide a lot of clutter, inventory, and stored food to infiltrate.
Along with all of those distractions, an insect or rodent infestation is also a quick way to damage your reputation as a clean and safe establishment. No one wants to stay in a hotel with bed bugs or eat at a restaurant that had a roach sighting on social media, so be careful what your customers see. Fortunately for you, Prosite Pest Control can cross pest worries off of your to-do list. We’ll make sure your customers are safe, and you can make sure they’re happy. Reach out to Prosite Pest Control today for commercial pest control you can depend on.


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