How To Protect Your Kittitas County Home From Termite Infestations

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Big termite crawling on sawdust.

Termites are one of nature’s natural cleaning systems. These bugs thrive worldwide, and in most cases, they benefit the world around them. They break down the dead in the forest and make way for the new to have a chance to grow. This can be a beautiful thing until termites turn their attention to your home in Kittitas County.

Termites don’t know that the wood in your Kittitas County home is not meant to be broken down. Therefore, they will fester inside your Kittitas County walls and won’t stop until the house falls or you eradicate them. We are the Kittitas County pest control team that can help you end your infestation and keep your family safe.

About The Termite Caste System

When you start to learn about the different kinds of termites that can impact your home, you’ll notice that termites live by a sort of caste system. Termite identification is dependent on knowing what stage of termite is in your home. There are worker class, soldier class, and swarmer class. There is also the colony’s queen, but that isn’t exactly a path most termites take.

The type of termite caste you should worry the most about are the warmers because of what they can mean. Swarmers occur when an already established colony section breaks off to reproduce in another location. This means that there is already an infestation and that another one is about to amass within your walls.

How Termites Can Silently Destroy Your House

Termite will swarm around and destroy the wood in your home. However, they will go beyond what you might think of as destroying your walls. This can mean that the paint or wallpaper in your home will peel off or bubble up too. You might even go years without noticing that termites have infested your home.

This can lead to your walls becoming hollow, your doors and windows sticking when you open them and the floorboards creaking all the time. If you notice these signs of termite damage, you need to act sooner than later to prevent any repairs that could skyrocket into the thousands.

Four Tips To Naturally Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

There is no easy do-it-yourself solution when you want to know how to get rid of termites. There are ways you can prevent an infestation before it happens. Check out these four tips for natural termite prevention:

  1. Install a rock barrier around the foot of your home to eliminate direct contact with the ground.
  2. Fix any leaks in the pipes or plumbing to eliminate any wet or moist areas around your home.
  3. Remove all dead wood, trees, stumps, and firewood from around your home.
  4. Eliminate any clutter in or around your house.

If you maintain a well-manicured yard and keep your home in check, you can prevent termites from swarming without your notice. However, if you are already in the throws of an infestation, you should seek help from an experienced team.

The Best Termite Protection And Control For Your House

If you’re looking for not only the quickest but also the best way to get rid of termites when they’ve infested your home, give us a call. A termite infestation requires a team that has experience dealing with such a problem, and at Prosite, you’ll find just that. We have many years of combined experience and have been in the business for over a decade.

You can count on us at Prosite to provide you with the kind of termite control you need. We work quickly to save your home from further damage, but we do not let the quality of our work suffer for it. Our team at Prosite can ensure that we exterminate every termite so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe once again.