Why Yakima Homeowners With Bed Bugs Shouldn't Hesitate To Schedule A Professional Treatment

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a fully grown adult bed bug crawling through the white linen sheets in a yakima washington state home

As summer peaks in Central Washington, so does bed bug activity. Bed bugs like heat and humidity, so they tend to be more active in summer. But that’s just one reason why Yakima residents experience more bed bug infestations over the summer.

Bed bugs are more prevalent in the warmer months because of the kinds of activities folks take part in. People travel in the summertime and stay at hotels where they can unknowingly encounter bed bugs that hitch a ride home with them. Bed bugs can also be picked up at yard sales and flea markets where used furniture and other items may be harboring bed bugs.

No matter how bed bugs enter a home, they are a real headache. Bed bugs need to have a blood meal at every stage in their life cycle, but they may feed as often as every night. A female bed bug can lay as many as 250 eggs in her lifetime, and bed bugs can live up to 4 months. You can see how a colony of bed bugs can grow rapidly.

DIY Doesn’t Work

If you wake up with tiny bites in a cluster or a line, this is an indication of a bed bug infestation. Your first impulse might be to head out to the home store for some DIY treatments. But with a tenacious pest like bed bugs, DIY products don’t work.

The insecticides that homeowners can buy don’t work well against bed bugs.
Fogger-type insecticides are not effective in delivering the product to the places where bed bugs are hiding, such as in cracks and crevices.

In addition to active bed bugs, you need a product that can target bed bug eggs, or the situation will continue to worsen.

Also, DIY products such as bug bombs or foggers can be dangerous, as they can be flammable if you don’t follow the directions correctly. They can also expose your family and pets to pesticides.

Call Prosite

If you’re worried about bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call Prosite. We are Central Washington’s experts in dealing with bed bugs and we offer a range of services to meet your needs.

We’ll start with an inspection to make sure that the problem really is bed bugs. Our trained technicians know exactly where to look for signs of a bed bug infection, including in beds, mattresses, curtains, and other hiding places.

If we determine that you need bed bug treatment, we’ll offer some options based on the situation we find in your home. We have two highly effective treatments for bedbugs.

Heat treatments take advantage of the fact that bed bugs die off when temperatures reach more than 122 degrees F. When we conduct a heat treatment, we use heaters and raise the infested area to a temperature hot enough to dehydrate and kill all the bed bugs.

Conventional bed bug treatments involve applying EPA-registered products to areas where bed bugs hide, such as along baseboards and in floorboards. Our licensed professionals know exactly what to apply, and where, to eliminate bed bugs and eggs.

Whichever treatment we use, we back it with a guarantee. Please call us today to set up a bed bug inspection.