6 Signs Your Yakima County Home May Have A Bed Bug Problem

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Bed bugs are an issue throughout the country, and Yakima County is no exception. By learning the signs of bed bug infestations, you can take action before the issue becomes serious. Learn the common signs of bed bugs and keep your home safe.

About Bed Bugs In Yakima County

Although bed bugs are small, they aren’t invisible. They are reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. You might have to look closely to find bed bugs, but they are technically visible to the human eye. Unfortunately, bed bugs are excellent at hiding. You need to know where to look to find bed bugs, or you won’t know they’re around.

For this reason, it’s crucial to know how to spot less obvious signs of bed bugs. There’s a lot that people don’t know about these insects, and this makes it difficult to be sure whether or not you have them in your home.

How They Affect Us

If bed bugs don’t have blood, they can’t survive. They seek out hosts and bite them without inflicting any pain. Typically, these pests bite their hosts and night and go unnoticed. It’s not until the next morning that you might notice an itchy welt.

When you have one bed bug, you can be sure that there are more. This means you’ll have multiple bites, and you’ll be in serious discomfort. If you don’t treat your infestation with haste, the problem will persist. You could be left unable to sleep and uncomfortable in your own home.

Common Signs Of Bed Bugs

All of the following are common signs of bed bugs in Yakima County:

  • Itchy Bites: When you wake up in the morning, do you have itchy bites on your body? If so, you could have bed bugs, especially if those bites form a line or cluster. People are often quick to dismiss bites as mosquito bites, but the real culprit could be bed bugs.
  • Blood Stains: After bed bugs bite people, they often leave behind bloodstains. Check your sheets and pillowcases for small red or brown marks. You could be looking at the work of bed bugs.
  • Rusty Spots On Surfaces: Although bed bugs are small, they’re large enough to leave excrement spots on your surfaces. If you look closely at your sheets, mattress, and walls, you might notice rust-colored spots. These stains are likely to be from bed bugs.
  • Shed Skins: Bed bugs like to hide under mattresses, in baseboards, and in furniture. You may even find them hidden in a picture frame. If you want to look for bed bugs, check those areas for shed skins.
  • Musty Smell: Bed bugs have scent glands that emit an unpleasant odor. That musty smell in your home might not be from mildew. Many people describe the smell of bed bugs as musty and foul.
  • Bed Bug Sightings: Of course, the most obvious sign of an infestation is a bed bug sighting. You are unlikely to find a bed bug unless you look for it. To find them, look at the wooden frames in your box spring. Check inside books, electronics, and outlets. If you find small, flat, brown insects, you have bed bugs in your home.

What Should You Do?

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, call a reputable pest control company. The longer you wait, the worse your problem will become. Prosite has the resources and knowledge needed to identify and treat bed bug infestations. We’re ready to take action as soon as you need us. Call us today and we can get started.