How To Prepare Your Home For Termite Season In Kittitas County

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Termite wood infestation.

Spring is nearly here, and while you may be focused on spring cleaning and nicer weather, there is another problem that should be on your radar: termites. It may not be a pleasant thought, but for a homeowner in Kittitas County, it is time to be aware of termites and the damage they can do. At Prosite, we are prepared with the treatment plans and professional tips to help rid your Kittitas County home of termites once and for all.

When Is Termite Season In Kittitas County?

The popular season for swarming termites begins in Kittitas County in the spring and extends through early summer. Now is the time to prepare for this pest, and at Prosite, we know what a costly pest a termite can be. The spring season is an ideal time to prepare your home, check for pests, and rid your home of a problem before it may even start.

How Do I Know If My Kittitas County Home Has Termites?

There are many signs of termites that Kittitas County homeowners can look for this time of year. By checking your property and home for these signs, you may be able to get ahead of an expensive problem before it starts. To see if your home has termites, we at Prosite recommend the following:

  • Inspect areas of exposed wood for any piles of sawdust-like piles, or the waste left behind by termites.
  • Carefully view wood in and around the home to see if any pinpoint-sized holes are visible.
  • Knock on wood beams or exposed wood in the home to see if there is a hollow sound behind it.
  • Find an inconspicuous space to softly jab a screwdriver or butter knife into wood; wood easily penetrated is likely impacted by termites.
  • Watch the surrounding property for swarms of termites still in the flying stages.

Keeping an eye out for these damaging pests is a great first step in controlling the population.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Kittitas County Look Like?

If you are still unsure that termites are in your Kittitas County home, there are sure signs of an infestation. If you can visibly see wood that appears chewed, hollow, holey, or worn away, it is likely caused by termites. Termites will also shed wings, leaving behind light brown, nearly translucent, shells. If you have a termite infestation, you will likely encounter shed wings in piles.

The sawdust waste product of the termite is also commonly found in areas of infestations. These granular piles of waste can point to areas where the termites have been feasting on your home. Some termites may use mud tubes or tunnels to get around. Where the ground meets your house, you can see small tunnels formed to block poor conditions while the termites travel to and from food sources. These subterranean termites nest underground but forage to the surface for survival.

How Does Prosite Get Rid Of Termites In Kittitas County?

At Prosite, we have years of experience ridding the homes of Kittitas County of termites. We know just want to look for, how to identify problem areas, and how to treat the pest before an infestation escalates. If you have even suspicions of termites in your home, we recommend you call immediately for an estimate.

Our professionals will inspect your property inside and out to create a tailored plan to fit your needs. Once we have treated the home, we will not stop our care there. Routine follow-ups by our experts will ensure that your home stays termite-free for the long run. Call us today at Prosite for an estimate and full inspection. Don’t let this costly pest destroy your Kittitas County home.