Help! Raccoons Keep Invading My Trash In Yakima County, WA

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a raccoon on the roof of a house

Are you tired of waking up to a pile of trash in your front yard? If you’re not sure who’s causing the problem, you should stop and think about raccoons. These pests are a common issue for Yakima county homeowners and may be the reason for your messy trash. Find out more about what you can do to keep raccoons away.

What You Should Know About Raccoons

Raccoons usually don’t need much of an introduction. They’re large rodents with black markings around their eyes and almost seem to have masks. Usually, these rodents are gray in color and have striped tails. But that’s not all. Raccoons are even more notorious for their habits. These animals usually hide out in dens and find ways to get into human dwellings or trash.

In the wild, raccoons are content to live in holes in trees. But, when an opportunity presents itself, raccoons could end up in your crawl space, barn, or shed. This creature is an opportunist that jumps on whatever food or shelter presents itself.

Some people think of raccoons as somewhat cute creatures. And while this may be true, raccoons can be a serious problem. They could pose a threat to both you and your property.

The Trouble With Raccoons

First, you should know that raccoons may be aggressive. They can spread rabies and won’t hesitate to bite you if they feel threatened. While you may not try to threaten a raccoon, you could corner it. Doing so leaves you vulnerable to a bite. Furthermore, raccoons spread diseases and carry parasites. If you have raccoons around, you could be in danger.

And yes, raccoons are good for the environment. But they are not good for your home. As with other mammal pests in Yakima County, raccoons have the potential to damage their home. They have sharp teeth like other rodents but also have a large size. This makes them even more of a threat. One raccoon in your home could do an incredible amount of damage.

Raccoons And Your Trash

Even if you try hard to hide your trash from raccoons, they may find a way into it. Unlike other rodents in the area, raccoons don’t give up easily. They’re highly intelligent and have excellent dexterity. These rodents may be able to get into your trash, regardless of the effort you put into keeping them away.

Sadly, raccoons won’t just stop at eating your trash. As they look through what you have to offer, these scavengers will probably toss around your scraps. In the morning, you could find your garbage dumped on the floor. You should take measures to keep your trash inaccessible to rodents, or you will have a daily mess.

How To Deal With Raccoons

There’s really only one way to deal with raccoons. You could try to minimize your access to shelter, but that will only do so much. If a raccoon has a den nearby, it will turn to you for food. You need to take other measures to keep these pests away.

For instance, you can also practice proper trash storage techniques. Once again, this is no guarantee. Raccoons may be able to find a way into your garbage cans. The only truly effective way to deal with raccoons is to call Prosite.

Our team knows how to safely and quickly eliminate raccoons from your property. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving Yakima County residents. Let us help you keep raccoons and their mess away from your property. To get started with raccoon prevention, contact someone from the Prosite office today.