Why Ants Are Already Invading Yakima Properties

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a carenter ant crawling across the ground of a washington state yard
The weather is warming up and, if you haven’t already, you’ll soon start seeing ants scurrying around your driveway and yard. Most ants that remain outside don’t cause many problems. We may not like the looks of their ant hills here and there, but they’re nothing more than a nuisance. However, sometimes ants can cause issues for homeowners. Here’s why ants are already invading Yakima properties and what to do if they become a problem.

Why Ants in Yakima Are Already Infesting Properties

Ants are warm-weather pests. They thrive in the hot temperatures of summer and that’s when they’re most active. However, as soon as temperatures begin to warm up, they’ll come out and start moving around. If you’re seeing ants in your yard now, their colonies will only grow larger as the summer progresses.

Why Yakima Homeowners May Develop an Ant Problem

Most ants in our area are nuisance ants. They don’t cause any major problems. The biggest annoyance they cause outdoors is building unsightly ant hills in your yard. When you’ve spent time, money, and energy making your lawn look nice, it’s very frustrating to have it ruined by tiny pests.

However, ants can become an even bigger problem when they get into your home. They often enter homes while foraging for food. Once they get inside, other ants will follow. They can contaminate your food stores when they get into them, causing you to have to throw food out.

In order to keep ants out of your home, it’s important to remove the things that attract them. Store food in closed containers and clean up all spills and messes, especially sweet ones.

The biggest problem ant in our area is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants get into the walls of homes and do damage to the wooden structures inside. Most of this is done silently and completely out of sight, so homeowners don’t realize what’s going on until extensive damage has been done.

Sealing the cracks and holes around the perimeter of your house can help keep ants out by reducing the number of available entry points for them to use.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Yakima and Throughout Central WA

Whether inside or out, if you start to see too many ants on your property, you may need professional help to get them under control. Prosite can help. Whether nuisance ants or carpenter ants are bothering you, we offer home pest control in Yakima that gets rid of ants and keeps them from returning. Keep your home and lawn protected this summer. Contact Prosite to learn more.