Battling Yakima Termites On Your Own Is Always A Bad Idea

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termites eating wood

Hidden underground in our Yakima service area are destructive insects called subterranean termites. They quietly enter our yards, having tunneled as far as the length of a football field to find a food source. When they find a food source, they actively search for more. This means that while they're feeding on a stump in your backyard, they're probably feeding on your home as well. These insects are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and under the right conditions, 365 days a year. They never sleep. The worst part is that they enter Yakima homes and businesses from the ground without revealing themselves and can quietly feed for years without being detected. This is a recipe for disaster.

How quiet are termites?

While termites aren't completely silent, you would be hard-pressed to hear them, even if you "hard pressed" your ear to a piece of wood with worker termites feeding on the inside. The only time termites make a noise you can hear is when soldier termites detect a threat. These protector termites bang their heads on tunnel walls to warn the workers of danger. But it takes a lot of soldiers to make a noise you can hear.

Termite Prevention

It is not wise to battle Yakima termites on your own because you won't know when your DIY termite protection has failed. When this happens—and it happens often—property owners are faced with a nightmare that could have been prevented.

Professional Termite Protection

The tried-and-true way of protecting property from termites is through the proper application of Termidor liquid termiticide products. Termidor has been the number-one termite control product in the country for decades, and it has gotten better and better with age. There was a time when Termidor termiticide simply killed termites as they passed through it. Now, this treatment method not only works to kill termites that pass through it, it also uses worker termites against the colonies that send them. When colonies are eliminated, the threat of termite damage dies with them. This is how Prosite keeps homes safe from termites.


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