Why You Don't Want Squirrels Hanging Around Your Yakima County Yard

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Squirrels are rodent family members, but we classify them as wildlife pests. Homes that provide plenty of access to food, water, and shelter attract these irritating rodents. Unfortunately, your Yakima County property offers everything squirrels need to thrive.

Continue reading to find out how to prevent squirrels from taking over your residential property. Or, consider implementing professional wildlife control services from Prosite. Our goal is to give your home the protection it needs to deter wildlife pests of all shapes and sizes. We have you covered if you’re looking for pest control in Yakima County. Contact us today to get started!

Characteristics Of Common Tree Squirrels

Two squirrels cause problems in and around Yakima County homes; gray squirrels and Douglas squirrels. While these pests typically cause similar issues, it’s helpful to learn how to differentiate the two. Gray squirrels are large ground squirrels with grayish-brown fur. They have lighter-colored whitish bellies and long, bushy tails. Some gray squirrels also have hair around their faces that is browner than the rest of their bodies. A Douglas squirrel is much smaller than a gray squirrel and has a dark brown body. This squirrel has reddish-gray belly fur, and its fluffy tail has a black tip. Douglas squirrels are also known for being quite vocal, and they will often “scold” individuals who disturb them.

Squirrels Hanging Around Your Property Can Cause Problems

Although some squirrels may look cute and innocent, they cause significant problems for Yakima County homeowners. These common pests invade bird feeders, damage roofing, nest in your attic spaces, and dig holes in your garden to bury the food they find. Squirrels are nuisance pests, but they can also damage your home. Like all rodents, squirrels have large front teeth that never stop growing. To prevent their teeth from growing too long, squirrels chew on many durable materials, such as wires, furniture, roofing, and structural beams. The best way to avoid dealing with the problems squirrels cause is to implement professional wildlife removal services from Prosite. 

Five Simple Yet Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

Keeping squirrels away from your home can seem impossible, but there are a few methods you can use to protect your property from these annoying and destructive pests. Avoid attracting squirrels to your Yakima County home by implementing these prevention tips:

  • If you have any trees that produce nuts on your property (such as oak trees), you’ll need to pick up any nuts that fall to the ground. 
  • Trim thick vegetation and overhanging tree limbs away from your exterior walls and roofline to minimize access points to your roof. 
  • If you have a bird feeder, consider placing it away from trees or other structures that squirrels can leap off of to access the feeder. 
  • Repair loose roofing and install covers over your vents to reduce entry points to your home. 
  • Invest in professional wildlife control services. 

Prevention tips are helpful, but if squirrels have taken over your property, you need help from a wildlife expert. Give Prosite a call to learn more about our excellent pest control solutions.

The Best Way To Keep Squirrels And Other Wildlife Away

Not only do pests cause frustration and concern when they invade residential properties, but they also threaten your health. When it comes to protecting your Yakima County property from squirrels and other wildlife pests, you can’t go wrong with help from the skilled technicians at Prosite. Keep your home pest-free this season by implementing one of our effective residential pest control plans. We’re committed to controlling squirrels and other pests before they take over your home and threaten your family. Get in touch with Prosite today to learn more about all of our squirrel control services or to schedule a consultation!