Bed Bugs In Your Yakima County Home Won't Go Away On Their Own

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Not only are bed bugs pervasive, but they have a knack for surviving and multiplying if they are not thoroughly eradicated. One of the most straightforward reasons, albeit disgusting, is that you and your family cannot help but provide an endless supply of food to bed bugs at night. That's because bed bugs are parasites that feed off of our blood. They come out at night to feed while we sleep. That means that they can do so relatively safely and are seldom caught in the act. 

When they're no longer eating, bed bugs are also quite adept at hiding during the day. You may ask, "do bed bugs live in wood?" Bed bugs can hide in nearly anything. While they are known to live in mattresses and box springs, they can also hide in the smallest crevices of your footboard, inside outlets, in the crevices in the floor, or even small appliances. In this blog, we'll discuss how bed bug bites are one of the first clues that you have a bed bug problem and why a DIY approach to bed bug control often falls short of desired results. If you have a bed bug problem, call Prosite for all your Yakima County pest control needs.

Bed Bug Bites Are Usually The First Sign Of A Problem

What is a bed bug, or any pest for that matter, likely to do when solidifying your home as its new environment? Look for food! Unfortunately for us, bed bugs eat blood. Since bed bugs come out at night and hide exceedingly well during the day, many people with bed bug infestations never see the bugs themselves. The first sign of bed bugs is likely to be a line of bites on your body. 

So what are these bites like, and do bed bugs itch? Unfortunately, yes. Most people react to bed bug bites with red, itchy, swollen lumps that are frequently pus-filled. Because bed bugs bite multiple times, these bites often appear in a line or cluster on arms, legs, or other body parts that are exposed during sleep. 

Bed Bugs Won't Just Go Away On Their Own

Unfortunately, bed bug problems do not remedy themselves for several reasons. First, bed bugs subsist on your blood. For all intents and purposes, they have an endless supply of food in your home. Unlike keeping food in airtight containers and away from rodent pests, you can't very well lock up your blood at night. Furthermore, bed bugs breed rather quickly. After a single meal, one female can produce up to seven eggs per day for ten days. That means that after a few drops of your blood, a single female can lay 70 eggs, resulting in an exponentially growing population if left unchecked.

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Often Fails 

Yes, there are DIY bed bug control techniques. However, they are often not implemented correctly. Additionally, in order to accomplish proper bed bug control, you must locate all bed bugs and exterminate them entirely, so they don't return. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to find due to their tiny size and ability to hide almost anywhere. Some treatments are not effective against bed bug eggs leading to repeat infestations. If you do have a bed bug problem, it's a good idea to clean your sheets and vacuum infested areas to minimize the population. However, the best remedy involves calling professionals. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Prosite has years of experience in dealing with bed bug infestations in Yakima County. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we start with a rigorous inspection. Wondering how to find bed bugs? We will look through all of the possible bed bug hiding places to make sure that we have found the entire infestation. Only after adequately removing and protecting your personal belongings do we deploy our industry-leading bed bug treatments. In order to exterminate all bed bugs use highly effective heat treatments and conventional bed bug treatments. The latter entails applying EPA-registered products to baseboards and other relevant areas where bed bugs may be hiding. We can also offer natural pest control for bed bugs. Just ask! Call Prosite to get rid of bed bugs once and for all.