It's Important To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Yakima County Home

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Squirrel crawling on the wall.

When you think of rodent problems in and around your home, you may primarily think about mice and rats. However, did you know that squirrels can cause much of the same damage and health risks associated with mice and rats? In some cases, squirrels are capable of even more damage due to their size and mobility.

Due to the presence of pesky squirrels in the area, providers of pest control in Yakima County are adept at squirrel prevention. It's important to understand how common tree squirrels behave and what they find attractive about your property. Once you understand why the squirrels are infesting your property, you can take measures to mitigate the problem. Prosite offers an array of plans to keep squirrels away from your property with the most comprehensive wildlife control services.

Characteristics Of Common Tree Squirrels

First of all, what we call tree squirrels, is a catch-all designation that encompasses several types of squirrels that primarily live in trees, like fox squirrels or gray squirrels. You'll generally find these tree-dwelling rodents in wooded areas, where they nest in high places in order to avoid predators and scavenge for food. Found throughout the country and certainly Yakima County, common tree squirrels range in color from gray to red to white. They're usually 6 to 15 inches long with a tail nearly as long as the body. Some types of tree squirrels, like the fox squirrel, can surpass two feet in length if you include their tail! Their bodies are covered in short fur, and they have bushy tails.

Squirrels Hanging Around Your Property Can Cause Problems

When you see a squirrel outside on your property, you might not think much of it. However, what starts as the benign or even cute presence of a squirrel or two may become a more substantial problem. Just like other rodents, squirrels have front teeth that constantly grow. In fact, their teeth can grow more than five inches per year! The way they prevent these teeth from growing too long is to file them down by chewing on hard things around them. If squirrels are on your property, that might entail your fascia board, clapboard, trees, decking, and more.

In addition to property damage, squirrels also spread disease. These pests spread tularemia, plague, typhus, salmonella, and more. These diseases and bacteria spread through contact with squirrel feces, urine, saliva, and nesting areas. If squirrels make it into your home, they can damage interior wood, insulation, and even electrical wiring, in addition to contaminating various areas in your home.

Five Simple Yet Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

It's advisable that before squirrels even have the chance to infest your home, you consider taking the following steps to prevent them from taking hold on your property:

  1. Trim tree branches away from the roof and walls.
  2. Limit access to and feed within bird feeders.
  3. Never leave pet food or water outside overnight.
  4. Install screens on vents and openings to chimneys.
  5. Install wire fencing around gardens.

If you still have incessant squirrels on your property after taking these steps, call your local wildlife control company at Prosite.

The Best Way To Keep Squirrels And Other Wildlife Away

Squirrels may look harmless. Just keep in mind that they have an unquenchable need to chew on hard surfaces around them. So if they're in your yard, it may only be a matter of time until they victimize your trees and home. Additionally, they can easily spread diseases even when you are not coming into direct contact with them.

If you need help with wildlife control in Yakima County, call Prosite now. We offer the most effective squirrel control services. Our pest control for squirrels entails removing unwanted pests from your property and helping set you up for success so they are unlikely to return!