Important Things You Need To Know About Spray Foam Insulation In Yakima County

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We clip coupons, download discount apps, and spend Saturday mornings at yard sales because we like to save money. You feel good if your friend purchased the same item and you paid less money because you found a deal or discount! We want to save money, and we don't want to waste money. For example, discarding expired, unopened food from the refrigerator is not a great feeling because you are throwing away money! 

We want to save money, and we don't want to waste money on our homes. You are losing money if your house is poorly insulated; a poorly insulated home results in heat loss in the winter and cold air in the summer. A poorly or improperly insulated home makes your heating and cooling system work harder and longer. If you are ready to save money, you need the Yakima County spray foam insulation services from Prosite. Our trained professionals will stop your house from leaking conditioned air.

What Spray Foam Insulation Is Made Of

Spray foam insulation consists of the combination of two chemicals, isocyanate and polyol resin. When the chemicals meet, a foaming reaction creates a polyurethane liquid material that expands when it contacts the surface. The expanding spray foam consists of pockets or "cells" that are either closed and filled with gas or open. These cells create barriers that prevent energy from escaping.

  1. Mixture ratio: If the chemical mixture ratio is incorrect, you will have installation issues affecting air quality in the house. Professional installers will tailor the mixture for optimal performance and coverage. 
  2. Temperature requirements: Installation of spray foam must be within the temperature range set by the manufacturer. You will not get the desired heat-resistant rating if the temperatures are wrong upon installation.
  3. Consistent installation: Spray foam is difficult to apply evenly and consistently. Professionals with experience will fill gaps and cracks correctly and ensure uniform coverage using the expanding foam to fill holes.
  4. Avoid the mess: Spray foam insulation is messy work. Professional installers keep excess to a minimum. 
  5. Quality control: Professional installers detect flaws in the installation and can fix any problems to ensure the efficiency of the product.
  6. Efficient installation: Since professional installers work with spray foam regularly, they can quickly and efficiently install the product faster than someone using a DIY kit.

It is worth the investment to have the spray foam insulation contractors near you from Prosite install spray foam in your Yakima County home. 

How The Spray Foam Insulation Installation Process Works

Spray foam chemicals are in two containers, a heated hose is attached to each container, and gas or a liquid pressurizes the system. Pressure forces the chemicals from each tank through the hoses, and the mixture combines at the nozzle. When the resin and iso mixture contacts a surface, it expands into a foam filling the area up to one hundred times its size. A minimum of 12 hours is required for the foam to cure before any construction can resume. 

The Pros To Know For The Best Spray Foam Services

Our Prosite professionals provide the best spray foam insulation near you. Our installers are experienced, licensed, and trained. We know how to properly mix the compounds so the foam will penetrate cracks, gaps, and holes in the house. The team at Prosite will ensure adherence to Yakima County building codes and the installation of proper fire protection over the foam installation. Contact us today and request an inspection.