Could Spray Foam Insulation Benefit Your Yakima County Business?

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Why spend unnecessary money on your cooling and heating bills when you can invest in spray foam insulation for your Yakima County business? While it may appear an expensive option upfront, you'll save on your energy expenses in the long run. When used in businesses, spray foam is valuable insulation that serves as a thermal, moisture, and sound barrier. It effectively supports construction systems for the company and the performance of supplementary building materials.

How Spray Foam Insulation Is Different Than Other Insulation

Spray foam insulation goes further than traditional insulation with its airtight, flexible, and water-tight qualities. Spray foam insulation is made up of a combination of liquid chemicals that, when sprayed, react and expand into a layer of foam that hardens into a dense insulating layer. Due to the strength of the coating, the spray foam does not lose its shape over time and continues to protect your business from air leakage. There are two commercial spray foam insulation options: open and closed cells. Open cell spray creates a lighter, softer foam option, while closed cell spray is a more rigid and dense foam layer. Each type provides different advantages depending on the requirements of your business building. The spray works on an open cavity by forming a barrier that creates long-lasting results. Compared to the traditional insulation methods such as cellulose or fiberglass, which still leak air if gaps and spaces aren't filled, spray foam insulation creates an energy-efficient and draft-free property.

The Many Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For Businesses

Investing in spray foam insulation for your Yakima County business is one of the most intelligent decisions you'll ever make. Not only will your business benefit financially, but it'll also create energy efficiency and reduce associated health risks. Some of the benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  • Long-term cost savings
  • Noise reduction
  • Heating and cooling efficiency
  • Reduced allergens
  • Pest prevention
  • Moisture prevention
  • Eco-friendly
  • Increased structural integrity

As a result of spray foam applications, HVAC systems won't have to overcompensate because of fewer structural drafts and gaps. Other businesses that have transitioned to spray foam insulation have saved tremendous amounts of money yearly on their energy bills. It is also less permeable to air infiltration than traditional forms.

How The Commercial Spray Foam Process Works

The science behind spray foam insulation is relatively simple as professionals mix two components from diverse containers to create the spray foam. The mixing process happens on-site using special equipment for the particular task. Due to the proper tech and professional rigs, the professionals can mix the foam perfectly and maintain the correct temperature. A dispensing applicator gun allows the flow to be controlled for precise installation. Throughout the installation process, the spray foam expands up to 60 times to adequately fill the structure's nooks and crannies. Due to the spray foam's light and pliable ability, it can move with your building without pulling away or cracking. At Prosite, we offer open or closed cell spray foam insulation services for all of the following:

  • New Construction
  • Existing structures
  • Air sealing
  • Individual rooms
  • Soundproofing

We have taken the time to understand the areas where the insulation industry frequently falls short. We are confident in our ability to overcome those shortcomings and provide our customers with exceptional customer service and a superior end product and result.

The Key To Quality Spray Foam Insulation For Your Business

If your Yakima County business needs spray foam insulation services, trust the company that has been making customers happy for nearly ten years. We provide an installation that yields results.

Our service stands out because:

  • We provide you with a timeline, and we stick to it.
  • We provide faster turnaround times and can often work ahead of schedule.
  • We offer outstanding workmanship.
  • We provide exceptional customer service.

Spray foam application is a delicate process that requires experience with the materials and knowledge of best practices. For a high-quality spray foam insulation service in Yakima County, turn to Prosite. We're standing by to help ensure your business reaps the benefits of better insulation. As a local, family-owned company, we promise quality and integrity in the work we do. Contact us today to get started or learn more about services and solutions.