The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Spray Foam Insulation In Yakima County Homes

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If you are remodeling or building a new home in Yakima County, you’ll need to add insulation. You may be considering saving money by using a do-it-yourself spray foam insulation method, but it’s not as easy as the internet seems. Spray foam insulation in your Yakima County home is the leading option over fiberglass and cellulose, but if you attempt to do it yourself, it can lead to many problems and concerns in your Yakima County home. DIY spray foam includes the disposable kit or the “froth kit.” 

Some Think DIY Spray Foam Insulation Is Cheaper

While the upfront cost of DIY spray foam insulation may appear cheaper, that is not the case. The overall price of a froth kit is comparable to the comprehensive quote you’d receive from a trained spray foam insulation professional that includes spray foam insulation, surface prep materials, and clean-up. At Prosite, we have seen what happens when things go wrong with DIY spray foam kits for even the most experienced homeowners causing them to have to end up paying for removal in addition to professional services. 

Installing Spray Foam Insulation Yourself Can Be Dangerous

If you’re considering installing spray foam insulation yourself, we recommend you reconsider. Applying spray foam insulation yourself is a considerable risk because if it isn’t done correctly, you could end up with several problems, including: 

  • Spray foam is highly flammable and can easily catch fire if misapplied. A professional applies fire retardant paint (not included in the DIY kit) after installation to prevent fires. 
  • The chemicals from spray foam are highly toxic and, if inhaled, can cause serious health problems. 
  • It is difficult to remove once applied, and if it is not used correctly, it can damage your home. If you choose to try it yourself, you will need to hire a professional to remove the insulation and reapply it correctly, ultimately costing you more money. 

Be careful when choosing spray foam insulation, and highly consider hiring a professional to install it.

It Takes A Lot Of Experience To Get Spray Foam Just Right

Another problem with a DIY kit is that the chemicals and temperature mixture needs to be exactly as specified in the application instructions. The surface also needs to have all necessary conditions met, including being at the proper temperature, free of debris and dust, and moisture levels must be under a certain percentage of moisture content to avoid problems arising. If the foam becomes off ratio, it is trickier to identify with the naked eye. There are many health risks of spraying off ratio foams, and professionals are the experts at ensuring spray foam insulation is safe for you and your home. Common problems with DIY kits include: 

  • Disposable spray guns clog quickly.
  • When the product doesn’t mix correctly, or the tanks aren’t hooked up, the entire purchase becomes worthless.
  • The foam can either be way too sticky or won’t stick to anything if not correctly mixed. 
  • If there’s overspray and it gets on something, it’s stuck there for good. 

That said, it’s the wisest decision to avoid the headaches that the DIY spray foam insulation can cause and contact the professionals to provide the necessary and experienced service to keep your home safe, sturdy, and well insulated. 

The Best Spray Foam Installation Services For Your Home

Experience the peace of mind that comes with the expertise of a professional company while enjoying the personal service of a locally owned, family-operated business. Having the proper insulation in your home or business can make all the difference. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while keeping energy costs low is a win-win-win situation. If you’re in the process of building or have an existing structure in need of new insulation, Prosite has expanded our offerings. We now have an Insulation Division to meet your needs!