The Significance Of Spray Foam Insulation For New Construction In Yakima County

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Have you heard of spray foam insulation? Are you considering using this type of insulation for your new construction? If not, you should, as it provides countless benefits other types of insulation can't!

Read on to learn about the many benefits of spray foam insulation and how Prosite can provide you with the best spray foam insulation services in Yakima County.

Factors To Consider When Constructing A New Home

A lot goes into constructing a new home as you build something from the ground up! One of the factors you have to consider is insulation. While it may seem like something small that won't matter because it's not something you look at every day, there are several types of insulation to choose from, each with benefits and disadvantages.

Some of the things insulation can affect include home temperature, moisture build-up, conducive conditions and access for pests, and more.

So please don't overlook the importance of choosing the proper insulation for your new construction, as it will affect your home and wallet for years to come.

The Many Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For New Construction

There are many benefits to spray foam insulation for new construction, including:

  • Highest R-value and better energy efficiency for the home
  • Reduces airflow by filling cracks and crevices
  • Durability for longevity
  • A better moisture barrier against water damage and flooding, remaining effective when wet
  • More structural integrity, helping in strong winds
  • Protection against pest problems by reducing conducive conditions including moisture and filling potential entry areas

The best part about choosing spray foam for new construction is how easy it is to apply it in all the crucial areas of a home, including the attic, basement, exterior, and interior walls.

Up-Fronts Costs Are Worth The Lifetime Value Of Spray Foam Insulation

As previously discussed, spray foam insulation has the highest R-value of any insulation type available. The R-value of insulation refers to how resistant it is to heat flow; essentially, it's energy efficiency. And this is one of the most significant benefits of spray foam insulation!

Also, this type of insulation works because it is sprayed into a space and expands to the necessary size. When it grows, the foam fills cracks and crevices that would be left open with other insulations like fiberglass.

By filling in different cracks and crevices, you will reduce airflow, which helps keep heat out in the summer and winter, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems.

So although the up-front costs for spray foam insulation might be more than other types of insulation, it will keep future energy costs down. Plus, because spray foam helps to prevent mold and fungus growth and pest problems, it will help to avoid unnecessary pest control and repair and replacements costs. 

The Best Spray Foam Insulation For New Home Construction

If you are working on new home construction in Yakima County, let our team of professionals at Prosite provide reliable spray foam insulation services. For new constructions, we offer a complete insulation package. We do a spray foam and fiberglass hybrid for this service, only available for new constructions. Choosing spray foam insulation is the best choice you can make for your new construction, so don't delay and get started working with professionals today!

Give us a call at Prosite to learn more about how we can implement a spray foam installation for your new construction!