Termites Be Gone: Proven Techniques For Successful Termite Control In Yakima County

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Finding signs of a potential termite presence in your home is quite shocking. You may be unsure how to proceed or even if the signs you’re seeing actually signify termites. The most effective option for termite control in Yakima County is to reach out to the experts at Prosite. We can determine if termites are actually present, and can then take steps to control the problem quickly and efficiently.

Termite Activity: How To Identify The Signs

Unfortunately, some signs of termite activity are not easily noticeable. They may be damaging parts of your home that you don’t inspect regularly or that you cannot see.

This shows the importance of looking for signs of termite activity, rather than just looking for signs of actual damage. Some of the signs that you may have termites at your Yakima County property and home include:

  • Water damage, such as peeling paint on interior walls and stained drywall. As termites penetrate wood with tunnels, this can allow moisture to enter and cause damage.
  • Warping, where a sign of moisture entering your home’s materials is warped doors and windows that don’t close fully or that stick.
  • Body parts, such as discarded wings. As termites grow, they can leave wings behind that almost look like fish scales near doors and windows.
  • Droppings that resemble coffee grounds or sawdust. Termite droppings usually appear in small piles that they leave outside of their tunnels.
  • Swarms of insects, where the termites are flying around near your home. Termites in the Yakima County area are small, usually around ⅜ of an inch in length.

If you are ever uncertain whether you are seeing signs of termite activity, always reach out to our professionals as early as possible. We can figure out if you are seeing termites. If not, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have a problem. If you have these insects, we can help you figure out the best steps to take to control the termites in your Yakima County home.

From Bad To Worse: How Termite Damage Can Escalate Quickly

Because you may not be able to directly see the damage that the termites are causing inside walls and crawl spaces, you could have a serious problem without knowing it. That’s why termite prevention in Yakima County is so important. You don’t want to ignore the signs you are seeing that could indicate the start of a termite problem, because you frequently will see signs of these insects before you notice the damage they are causing. 

Termites are not going to just go away on their own. Calling in the professionals at the first sign of trouble can help you catch the problem before the damage goes from bad to worse. Ignoring the signs or hoping that they aren’t actually signs of termites just allows the insects to become more entrenched as they ramp up the amount of damage they are causing.

Professional Termite Extermination: Know When To Call In The Experts

What is the best way to get rid of termites? Home remedies typically aren’t effective, especially for a homeowner who doesn’t know exactly where the termites are living. A professional control team like the team at Prosite will do a full inspection. We crawl into hard-to-reach areas, looking for signs that treatment is necessary. We then apply our control techniques in the precise locations where they can fix the problem.

The best time to call our team is whenever you think you are seeing signs of termites. We would rather come to your property for a false alarm, rather than have you wait several months to call us and find that the termites have caused significant damage.

Stay Termite-Free: Helpful Tips To Prevent Reinfestation

After we control your termite problem, you can take additional steps to ensure that they don’t return:

  • Remove sources of cellulose materials stored around your home, like cardboard, firewood, old carpeting, old paper, and old insulation.
  • Move firewood or old branches away from the foundation.
  • Don’t leave items that termites could use as a bridge to climb from the soil to your wood siding.
  • Eliminate sources of water near the foundation that could result in rotting wood.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of these insects returning, including seeing insects that look like white ants around your property.

Additionally, reaching out to Prosite for regular inspections is a smart preventive measure. Our Yakima County termite control services are proven effective against these invaders, and we can help you spot problems early before these insects do significant damage.

To learn more about how we can help you or to set up an appointment, reach out to us today.