The Answers To Commonly Asked Spray Foam Insulation Questions In Kittitas County

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With the Cascade Mountains sitting to the West and the sparkling waters of the Columbia River to the East, Kittitas County has numerous sights that will take your breath away. The natural beauty of this region makes it a perfect spot for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, biking, and hiking. In addition to these activities, Kittitas County has annual events and festivals that keep this area a fun place to live and work. Whether your building has been in Kittitas County for a long time or you’re looking to build, it is essential to note that without spray foam insulation in Kittitas County, your building may drain your pocketbook unnecessarily.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation Made Out Of?

These days, every penny is precious; the more money people save, the better. As property owners seek ways to reduce energy costs in their buildings, spray foam insulation is gaining popularity due to its cost-saving advantages. Spray foam insulation involves mixing two separate liquids, a polyol resin (organic) and a form of isocyanate mix (highly reactive, low molecular weight chemical). Mixing these liquids causes a chemical reaction that produces polyurethane foam that expands, hardens, and seals. While the scientific formulas and terminology involved in spray foam insulation may appear complicated, insulation specialists in Prosite’s insulation division are highly educated and trained in the successful application and installation of spray foam insulation in Kittitas County.

Are The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation Worth The Cost?

Applying spray foam insulation to a new or old building does require more of an investment than traditional insulation installation; however, the spray foam insulation return on your investment will result in remarkable savings in the long run. Once properties get sealed with spray foam insulation, the benefits will quickly become apparent.

Six benefits that make spray foam insulation worth the money include:

  1. It will lower heating and cooling costs (foam blocks air).
  2. It will reduce exposure to allergens/pollen.
  3. It can reduce noise.
  4. It helps eliminate moisture problems like mold and mildew.
  5. It seals up cracks and crevices rodents, bugs, and insects use to access homes.
  6. It lasts longer than other traditional forms of insulation.

The up-front costs associated with spray foam insulation typically pay for themselves within three to five years. Since spray foam insulation lasts for decades, the benefits to your pocketbook will be substantial for years to come. With help from Prosite, property owners can use the expertise and knowledge of our insulation division to choose the best approach for spray foam insulation services within their property.

Can You Install Spray Foam Insulation Yourself?

A residential or commercial building is one of the most expensive investments a person will make. When expending money on improvements in your building, it is always wise to use an insulation service professional with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to get the job done right. Removal of old insulation can often carry health risks; therefore, professional insulation installers will use protective gear and safety equipment to remove old insulation safely. Spray foam insulation requires special equipment, correct mixing of materials, and an understanding of proper application techniques for a successful application. For property owners to maximize the benefits of their spray foam insulation investment, they should use the services of a spray foam insulation contractor like Prosite.

How Do You Choose A Spray Foam Insulation Service?

Property owners looking for a spray foam insulation contractor need a company that is “science-driven and service obsessed;” we are that company. Prosite is a local company committed to providing our customers exceptional customer service and superlative workmanship. Our insulation division works with customers to set up a timeline for service, and we stick to it. Our fast turn-around times will have your property saving you money in no time. With over ten years of service in the Kittitas County area, we have a reputation for quality, on-time services that speak for themselves. Call Prosite today to set up a consultation and to learn more about our Kittitas County spray foam services.