How To Repair Damaged Insulation In Your Kittitas County Home

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Outdoor enthusiasts have a vast playground in the Washington State Kittitas County region. With the Yakima and Columbia Rivers close by, there a numerous water activities people can enjoy, and the Alpine Lake Wilderness is full of trails just waiting for exploration. Scattered throughout this beautiful county are homes of all shapes and sizes that have problems with their insulation. Without functional insulation in your Kittitas County Home, homeowners could see their hard-earned cash seeping through their attics or walls.

Insulation in homes performs an important job, but it's one of those home improvements that get installed and forgotten. Unfortunately for homeowners, insulation doesn't last forever; it can often get damaged without a homeowner's knowledge.

Four signs that your insulation is damaged include the following:

  1. Walls, floors, and ceilings are cold.
  2. The temperatures in your home continuously fluctuate.
  3. Rooms in your home are drafty.
  4. Energy bills are higher than usual.

Once the insulation in homes is damaged, its effectiveness gets diminished. Defective insulation leads to problems that will only compound over time if not treated quickly by insulation replacement professionals such as Prosite.

Damaged Insulation Can Open The Door For Many Problems

Homeowners can rack up some serious energy savings when insulation is in good repair and doing its job correctly; however, those benefits can quickly wane when insulation gets damaged. One big problem associated with damaged insulation is air-flow issues. Damaged insulation allows pollen and other air irritants to flow freely throughout homes. Rooms can start to get drafty, and regulating temperatures will prove difficult. Insulation damaged by water leaks (mainly fiberglass) is a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Damaged insulation also contributes to excess moisture and humidity levels in homes, attracting local pests like rodents and insects. Whether you're dealing with old or damaged insulation, the result is a loss in home efficiency and safety. To ensure your insulation is in good repair, it is always good to have it inspected regularly by professional insulation contractors like Prosite.

How The Insulation Repair Process Works

Prosite is a residential insulation contractor with an insulation division designed to help homeowners in their quest for maximum energy efficiency. When homeowners begin losing money due to damaged insulation, our company can inspect homes and make recommendations for repairs. Homeowners will receive a service plan that:

  1. Specifies any demolition that needs addressing
  2. Makes recommendations on the best areas to insulate
  3. States the proper amount of insulation (and thickness) that needs replacing
  4. States the cost necessary to get your home back to its energy-efficient status.

Whether your damage is from water, fire, or pests, our company can provide light or complete demo services to prepare damaged areas of your home for insulation replacement. Our insulation installers can also offer encapsulated crawl spaces and energy uplifts to assist older Kittitas County homes in becoming energy efficient. Whether it comes down to adding additional fiberglass to your home or the more efficient spray foam insulation, Prosite will ensure you get the spray foam insulation services in Kittitas County you need to save money and keep your home comfortable.