How To Get Rid Of The House Flies Inside Your Kittitas County Home

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House fly on a table.

After a long day of work, we like to sit down in our easy chairs and relax. However, it is hard to take it easy when flies are buzzing around your head. It is worse when eating dinner, and you have to keep waving flies away from your food. Your home is supposed to be a refuge, a place of relaxation; it is not supposed to be a battlefield against flies!

If you have flies in your house, you need the Kittitas County pest control team of Prosite. Our trained experts will eliminate the flies in your home so you can enjoy your meals in peace.

Why Do Flies Want To Live In Your Home?

You would think flies would prefer the freedom the outdoors offers, but they always end up in our homes. The following are reasons why flies like to live in homes:

  • Temperature: Flies prefer a temperature of 83℉, and when the outdoor temperature is cool, flies are attracted to the warmer air current emanating from the house. On the other hand, if the outdoor temperature is over 83℉, flies are drawn to the cooler air flowing from the air-conditioned home.
  • Odor: Flies are attracted to sweet smells, and when they smell the aroma of fruit on the kitchen counter, syrup, and liquor, they want to enjoy it. The odor of fermenting food in the garbage cans is also attractive to them.
  • People: Flies are attracted to the smell of the carbon dioxide you exhale. Furthermore, they like the salt in the sweat produced by your body.

These are some of the main reasons flies are in your house. Of course, you cannot eliminate people or food in your home, or stop using your air conditioner or heater. Stopping flies will require preventative measures to get rid of flies in the house.

Why Flies May Be Drawn To Your Window Sill

Window sills tend to be a fly graveyard, and dead flies in the house can be a source of embarrassment. Flies are attracted to the light coming through the window, and they see the light as a way of escape. As they fly toward the light and hit the glass repeatedly, they die from exhaustion and starvation. Dead flies in the window sill are not the result of keeping a filthy home, but they can be a sign of a fly infestation in the house.

Ways To Deter Indoor Flies

You want to take steps to get rid of house flies because they are carriers of more than 100 pathogens such as typhoid and tuberculosis. Flies contaminate surfaces and food as they travel across them and defecate.

To keep them from spreading disease to you and your family members, the following are some of the best ways to get rid of flies in your home:

  • Remove exposed fruit and food.
  • Wipe down kitchen surface areas after meals and cooking.
  • Seal fruit in bags or keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Sweep floors regularly to remove crumbs.
  • Cover indoor garbage cans.
  • Keep the litter box cleaned out.
  • Remove animal food from bowls at night.
  • Repair holes in window and door screens.

Get rid of flies in your house as soon as possible by utilizing the steps given and partnering with the best pest control service near you: Prosite.

Helpful Fly Prevention Tactics For Kittitas County Residents

At Prosite, we have environmentally safe and effective treatments to eliminate flies in your Kittitas home. We not only stop the current fly infestation, but we prevent a future problem because we destroy the eggs. Contact us, and let us solve your fly problem so you can enjoy your meals in peace without swatting away the flies.