How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Kittitas County Home?

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Ants in the house

Ants are some of the most invasive pests in Kittitas County, and if you're a resident, you've probably come across them at some point. Ants often find their way indoors while searching for food or places to nest, but they also often live around the property in underground colonies. Some ant species in Kittitas County are more of a problem than others, but all of them can be a challenge to remove. Find out more about ant control here. 

Types Of Ants In Kittitas County

The vast majority of ants that invade are nuisances and invasive pests, but that doesn't mean they don't cause problems. However, they are unlikely to cause you any physical harm or damage your property. The main nuisance species are odorous house ants, known for the smell of rotten coconuts they emit when crushed. There are also pavement ants that are black and usually seen around sidewalks coming out of dirt piles.

Then, there are more problematic ants to worry about. There are carpenter ants, first of all, that can destroy property as they tunnel through wood. The next species is the pharaoh ant. They are a yellowish-brown color, and they often live inside. Pharaoh ants are known for spreading dangerous pathogens. 

Why Are Ants In My Kittitas County Home?

While some ants tend to live outdoors and some are more commonly found inside, all ant species in the area will be drawn in by easy access to food sources. They can be attracted to pet food or spills around your kitchen, and they will get into all kinds of food items if they can.

Also, ants need a way to enter the property. So, if you have holes in the walls or broken screens, it is easier for ants to find their way inside. You can help deter ants by sealing up entry areas using caulk and foam or replacing broken screens, but they are so small it can be difficult to prevent them entirely. 

How Do I Eliminate Ants In My Kittitas County Home?

Many people think that ant control is easy, but this is rarely true. Ants in Kittitas County can be very invasive and have colonies that contain thousands of individuals. They are also so tiny that it can be difficult to access everywhere they might hide.

If you do have ants, the best way to remove them is with residential pest control. These services can address the entire infestation and keep them from coming back. While some over-the-counter products like traps and baits might get some ants, only residential pest control is completely comprehensive and reliable. While you can try to handle an ant problem on your own, you'll likely spend a lot of money and time only to find that the ants are never completely gone. 

How Does Professional Ant Control In Kittitas County Help

To find out more about professional ant control in Kittitas County, give the experts at Prosite a call. We can remove both nuisance and dangerous species, and we have experience and the proper treatment options to address these difficult pests.

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