How Bad Is It To Have Lady Bugs Around My Yakima County Home?

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lady bug on leaf

Lady bugs are rather common insects, also sometimes referred to as lady beetles. Lady bugs exist in roughly 475 species throughout the continental U.S. and Canada, and experts consider them among the kinds of nuisance pests. As the weather begins cooling in the fall, lady bugs will sometimes enter homes and overwinter. Overwintering is a survival method that either entails hibernating or migrating in the case of lady bugs.

Can lady bugs fly? Yes. Lady bugs can “flap” their wings more than 80 times in one minute, which is more than sufficient for these small insects to take flight.  

Many types of lady bugs serve beneficial roles by eating insects, including aphids, mites, and others that often damage crops and other vegetation.

Are you noticing the presence of an excessive number of lady bugs in your home? An experienced Yakima County pest control professional understands the lady bug life stages, what will attract lady bugs and the various ways of repelling these and other tiny pests.

What Are Lady Bugs?

Lady bugs are distinctive insects that appear in brighter colors, including red, orange, brown, and black, and have spots and other various markings. The body of a lady bug could reach a maximum length of approximately 3/8 of an inch, and it has six legs and two antennae.

The population of lady bugs generally spikes during the spring and summer as an abundance of food usually exists. During the winter, lady bugs might seek shelter beneath rocks, leaves, or logs.  

Do Lady Bugs Bite People?

Do lady bugs have teeth that may pierce human skin? Although instances rarely occur, lady bugs might potentially bite a human. A bite from a lady bug typically results in very mild skin irritation; however, those with sensitivities might have an allergic reaction.

In general, lady bugs in Yakima County represent a nuisance pest that poses little or no human health risks. One species, known as the Asian lady beetle, will reportedly generate discomfort among those with asthma. Also, this type of lady bug will possibly excrete a yellowish fluid that has a terrible odor.

Why Do I Have A Lot Of Lady Bugs Around My Home?

The primary reason why a lady bug will enter a home is when seeking shelter from the cold winter weather, where they might stay until spring. The following are some other things that will likely attract lady bugs:

  • Having flowering plants usually attracts lady bugs because they attract aphids—which they consume. 
  • Some species of lady bugs consume pollen from flowers also; however, research suggests that plants such as mums and lavender are often effective repellants. 
  • Diligently remove lady bugs that you find indoors, as these creatures generate an odor that attracts other lady bugs to the area.
  • They are also attracted to light, much like other bugs, so too much lighting around your home at night may bring them in.

The best means of limiting the presence of lady bugs is by implementing some basic exclusionary measures that will reduce the likelihood of these insects infiltrating your home. Take a good look at the structure's exterior and identify any points of entry, such as cracks or crevices near the foundation that need filling using a weather-resistant caulk or sealant.

If you notice any openings below entryway doors, install sweeps—an inexpensive and typically effective way of obstructing the path of small insects.  Remember that torn window screens also make the premises vulnerable to these and other unwanted pests that pose greater concerns when compared with lady bugs.  

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Lady Bug Infestation?

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