Don't Ignore Flea Infestations In Yakima County

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flea crawling on skin up close
You may think of the tiny flea as not much of a problem in your Yakima County home. But if you have seen one, there are many, and it is likely its impact has only just begun on your family and household pets. A flea is not a pest to be ignored; this tiny creature is far more than just a nuisance. At Prosite, we know that fleas can cause far more than an itchy bite. We have the tips to help you get rid of fleas once and for all.

How To Tell If It's Fleas In Your Yakima County Home

You may notice that you have itchy skin, especially in the areas of your feet, ankles, and lower calves. You may see small, red bumps left behind. Additionally, fleas can leave signs in and around your house, such as:

  • Pets that cannot settle or rest, but instead are constantly itching and uncomfortable
  • Hair loss in pets, typically in patches
  • Pale gums in household pets, showing an indication of loss of blood
  • Flea dirt (the flea’s feces), which looks like flecks of loose soil
  • Flea eggs that are visible in the threads of your carpet

Fleas and their eggs are visible to the human eye. However, Yakima County homeowners may want to use a magnifying glass to get a closer look.

At Prosite, we also recommend trying the “white sock test” if you cannot tell if you have fleas. This simple test requires that you put on white socks, without shoes, and shuffle across carpeted areas. Fleas will typically adhere to the socks, making them more easily visible. The black color of the flea’s body should stand out against the white sock. It is advisable to wear a higher sock, to prevent bites.

The Dangers Fleas Bring To Yakima County Homes

Small, itchy bites might not sound like a danger to you, but these bites can bring about a lot more than some itching and scratching. The flea is a parasite itself; it feeds off of the blood of humans and animals to which it attaches. Diseases such as the bubonic plague, murine typhus, tungiasis, tularemia, bartonellosis, and tapeworm have all been traced back to fleas. Exposure to fleas means leaving yourself, your loved ones, and your pets open to these illnesses.

Why Fleas Come Into Yakima County Homes

Fleas must find animals and humans to live. They feed on blood, via biting, from their host. They must do so to survive, so coming into your Yakima County home is a natural choice for them. In addition to entering your home on the “backs” of humans and animals, fleas can also hitch a ride on soft fabrics, such as used clothes and furniture, soft-sided luggage, or drapes, bedding, or outerwear. We at Prosite recommend using caution and extreme cleaning measures when bringing in any used, soft materials into your Yakima County home.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas & Keep Them Out In Yakima County

The best way to ensure that you and your family are safe from fleas in your Yakima County home is to call us at Prosite. Our experts have the experience to create a tailored pest control plan for your precise needs. Call us today to create a treatment plan to rid your house of fleas once and for all.