Black Widow Spider Management Guide For Yakima County Homes

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black widow spider

All spiders can be unpleasant to encounter, but black widow spiders are especially dangerous and frightening to come across. To prevent spiders in homes and ensure you are always protected from this pest, rely on Yakima County pest control.

What Is A Black Widow Spider?

Black widow spiders are recognizable due to their bulbous shiny black body and noticeable red hourglass marking on their abdomen. They prefer to keep to themselves and build their sticky webs in hidden areas such as crevices outside or gaps in walls and doors; woodpiles in your yard are also a favorite of this spider. And while the black widow spider is feared by many, it is not the most aggressive spider you can encounter; it will only bite in self-defense or when it feels directly threatened.

Are Black Widow Spiders Dangerous?

Among all spiders, black widow spiders are considered one of the most medically dangerous spiders in the United States. This is because the bite of a black widow contains the chemical alpha-latrotoxin, which overwhelms nerve cells and causes extreme pain in a bite victim. The venom that the black widow spider delivers is also quite potent and will target your nervous system. Without medical attention, this bite can have fatal consequences. However, it is essential to note that black widow bites are generally only fatal to the very young, the elderly, or those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Do Black Widow Spiders Invade Homes?

Much like other types of spiders, black widow spiders will invade homes if they see a secluded place to live or if the home offers plenty of access to food and water. Around your property, you are most likely to see spiders hiding in very secluded areas around basements, in attics, around dark corners, in cluttered places, and garages. It is important to be careful when cleaning these areas that you don’t accidentally disturb a black widow spider and receive a bite.

How To Prevent Black Widow Spiders

Learning how to keep spiders away is a crucial part of deterring the black widow spider from setting up their home near your property and establishing an ever-present danger. The tips below can help you prevent spiders from gathering around your home:

  • Seal up entry points around your home to stop spiders from moving inside. Fix cracks in windows, doors, and the foundation in addition to putting window and door screens and weather stripping into place.
  • Deal with pest prey issues that may be bringing black widow spiders into your home by contacting the professionals at Prosite for assistance.
  • Remove debris from your yard, especially fallen twigs and branches, keep the grass trimmed low, and store woodpiles far away from your home. This will deter black widows from setting up webs in your yard.
  • Declutter your home often and de-web it every time you clean. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this to avoid an accidental black widow bite.

And remember, if you have an ongoing infestation of black widow spiders or any other type of spider, you should be reaching out to Prosite immediately. Our experts will be able to eliminate spider infestations and protect your property from this pest, so you won't need to worry about the potential negative consequences of encountering black widow spiders or their bite.

Reach out to Prosite today for the best way to get rid of spiders.