How Kittitas Residents Can Minimize Mosquito Exposure

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a grey tites mosquito biting the bare skin of a Kittitas resident as they rest n their back yard one summer night

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, mosquitoes are on the prowl once again around Central Washington. Mosquitoes are some of the most notorious summertime pests in North America. According to The Washington State Department of Health, over 40 types of mosquitoes can be found here in the Evergreen State alone. That's a lot of bloodsuckers! 

While these pests are best known for leaving their characteristic itchy, red lumps over any patch of exposed skin, they can also pose a more serious threat. Mosquitoes are disease carriers, meaning that they can transport potentially dangerous viruses from one host body to another. The results of these sicknesses may be severe, leading to fevers, brain swelling, paralysis, and even death. 

 Preventing Mosquitoes On The Lawn 

A well-maintained lawn is the first area of defense again summertime mosquito hordes. Females will lay their eggs in stagnant pools of water, pools as small as bottle caps can be enough space for mosquitoes to breed, so check your yard accordingly. Any curved furniture, improperly stored wheelbarrows or buckets, and thick leaf piles should be drained often, if not removed. It takes less than a week for mosquito eggs to hatch into nymphs. 
Mosquitoes have lightweight bodies, are not good fliers, and are easily blown about by sources of wind. Use fans around the area you will be frequenting to blow the unsuspecting mosquitoes away. Keep fans close to the ground, pointed in the direction people will be sitting, standing, or otherwise active.

Like us, mosquitoes enjoy hanging out in the cooler, shadier areas of the yard. Mow your lawn frequently, taking care to trim, cut, and train any extraneous foliage for a sharp-edged finish.  With fewer breeding areas and habitable hot-spots, you can help to protect your property from being overrun by these hungry and opportunistic pests.

Preventing Mosquitoes Around The Pool 

The pool is a potential mass breeding ground for all kinds of insects, mosquitoes included. This large, stagnant pool of water isn’t something that you can simply drain to keep mosquitoes at bay. What is a water lover to do? 
Continue to run your pool pump at least 3 hours every day. The moving water helps to deter potential mosquito breeders and harm any existing nymphs. Keeping an undamaged pool cover over the water during cooler months keeps female mosquitoes away and eggs out. Be sure to check the quality of your pool cover often. Mosquitoes are crafty creatures and sneak into any unmaintained environment.

Get Protection From The Pros 

Mosquitoes aren’t just a summertime pest, but a real nuisance that can sap the joy out of many seasonal activities. Besides the normal frustrations they cause, mosquitoes can pose a real threat to your health and well being. Carrying diseases such as Dengue, malaria, and the viruses West Nile and Zika, these pests can change your life with a single bite. Don’t go another moment without peace of mind. Call the Pros here at Prosite to speak to one of our trained service members about your pest control needs. 

Prosite offers a variety of pest protection plans for our Central Washington customers, including quarterly services such as our SiteCare Guardian Package, our most popular plan SiteCareAdvantage, and bi-monthly protection from our SiteCareComplete visits. Prosite’s team professionals undergo constant, up-to-date training on all things pest, bringing you the best service we can provide. Give us a call today and schedule an inspection to identify potential mosquito threats before they become dangerous. At Prosite, we're tough on pests.