Steps Ellensburg Residents Can Take Now To Minimize Mosquitoes

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a long legged brown mosquito biting the arm of an Ellensburg Washinton state resident

How much do you consider mosquitoes to be a pest? Do you let them bite you without a care in the world, or are you a slapper who gets more and more irritated with every bite? Either way, you may not be giving mosquitoes as much thought as you should be. Regardless of how irritated these tiny bloodsuckers make you, there is one thing many people overlook, and that is the potential dangers that come with each new bite. Although it is not true that all mosquitoes carry diseases, there is always the possibility of being bitten by one that is carrying one. This is where mosquitoes go from being annoying to potentially life-changing.

Problems mosquitoes in Ellensburg can cause

If you are bitten by a mosquito carrying a dangerous disease, your life could change rather quickly for the worse. Some of the most common mosquito-transmitted diseases in America include Zika virus, Dengue, malaria, and West Nile virus, none of which we would ever wish on anyone. In fact, it is our job to do everything we can to keep this from happening to you or anyone else. To do this, for starters, here are some tips to keep mosquitoes off of your property.

First, a few things you should know:

  • Mosquitoes are horrible flyers
  • Mosquitoes require still water to lay their eggs
  • If Mosquitoes are on your property, they were probably born nearby

With these facts in mind, consider these three simple tricks to reducing mosquito activity on your property.

  • Look for and eliminate any sources of stagnant water that could be used as mosquito-breeding grounds.
  • Install fans around outdoor lounging areas. Even a light breeze will make landing, for mosquitoes, extremely difficult.
  • Call in the professionals. Nothing works better to removing and keep mosquitoes off of your property than professional pest control.

Why professional mosquito control is the best option

The best way to get and keep mosquitoes from biting during the warm weather months is to partner with a Ellensburg pest control company that specializes in mosquito control.  Professionals have the tools and knowledge of mosquito behavior to not only eliminate adult mosquitoes flying around your property but also target areas where mosquitoes rest and breed.  

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