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As their name suggests, pavement ants spend a lot of time building their colonies in the cracks of concrete or sidewalks, but they don't always stay outside. Pavement ants may often wander inside Yakima County homes, so how do you get rid of pavement ants?

Here's what Yakima County homeowners should know about why they have pavement ants, what attracts them, and how to keep them away permanently with pest control in Yakima County.

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Why Are There Pavement Ants On My Yakima County Property?

With light brown to dark coloring, pavement ants have earned their name for a specific reason: they like to build their colonies in the cracks of concrete and pavement. If your Yakima County has asphalt, pavement, or concrete, you're more likely to deal with a pavement ant infestation. However, pavement ants will also end up on properties that have nearby food sources – like your home. Although they will keep building their colony in the concrete, pavement ants aren't shy about venturing inside homes or rooting through trash cans so that they can find food.

Some other crucial facts to know about pavement ants include:

  • You can recognize them by the parallel lines on their head and thorax.

  • Pavement ants aren't known to bite and are generally docile and non-aggressive.

  • Pavement ants do have the ability to sting, but if you are stung, the result is usually only mild discomfort.

  • Pavement ants aren't picky about food but do have a special preference for greasy foods.

It does not take much in the way of an invitation to find yourself with pavement ants in your driveway or even your kitchen.

What Attracts Pavement Ants?

Pavement ants usually enter your home because something has lured them there. Their colonies may be outside, but pavement ants still need food, and that's usually the biggest motivation for coming inside your Yakima County home. Here are some of the factors that attract pavement ants:

  • Food sources: Almost anything edible can serve as a food source for pavement ants, but they're especially attracted to sweets and protein sources.

  • Humidity and moisture: Pavement ants like warmth and moisture, so areas with moisture issues or humid rooms can be popular hang-out spots for these ants. This also includes areas with drainage issues around your property, like flooded gutters, birdbaths, or puddles that pavement ants can build their colonies beside.

  • Pavement: Rocks, curbs, pavement, or concrete can all attract pavement ants to build their colony on your property, especially if they think they'll have a nearby food source.

As with all pests, it's far easier to prevent an infestation than treat one. By minimizing the factors that attract pavement ants, you can do a lot to lessen your risk of an infestation.

The Best Way To Deter Pavement Ants

If you're finding pavement ants in Yakima County crawling across countertops or trying to contaminate your home, what are some ways you can get rid of them?

  • Make sure you seal off any cracks or crevices with caulk or foam so that there's no way for more pavement ants to enter your home.

  • Don't leave any food products, dirty dishes, or other leftovers sitting out where pavement ants may be able to access them.

  • Regularly disinfect your countertops, tables, and anywhere else where you prepare or eat food.

  • Don't leave rotting food in an open garbage can, and make sure you're regularly emptying trash or compost piles.

  • Try placing ant baits and traps in high activity areas, which can help reduce the presence of pavement ants around your home.

Keep in mind that these ant prevention methods can repel or reduce pavement ant populations around your property, but the best way to get rid of these ants is with the help of professional pest control like Prosite Pest Control.

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants Permanently

In addition to reducing attractions that may draw pavement ants in and using natural methods to get them out of your home, the most effective way to get rid of pavement ants is with the help of Prosite Pest Control. Our eco-friendly, reliable residential pest control treatments will do more than just temporarily get rid of pavement ants – we'll get these pests out of your home permanently.

If you're spotting pavement ants or another type of ant in your Yakima County home, there's only one permanent solution – call us today at Prosite Pest Control to schedule an inspection of your property or learn more about ant pest control for your Yakima County home. 


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