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Have you ever seen groups of tiny flies in your kitchen? If so, these are most likely fruit flies. Fruit flies are attracted to decomposing fruit and vegetables and can quickly infest Yakima County homes. Fruit flies may be small, but they have strength in numbers. They reproduce rapidly and it doesn’t take long for a few flies to turn into hundreds swarming in your kitchen.

Yakima County is home to several different types of flies, but fruit flies are one of the most common. A fruit fly infestation can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn how to identify fruit flies, tips for preventing them, and how to get rid of fruit flies.

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How To Tell If It’s Fruit Flies In Your Yakima County Home

It can be difficult to tell different types of flies apart, but fruit flies stand out due to their small size. Fruit flies are tiny, at only about ⅛ inch long. The front part of a fruit fly’s body is tan, while the back portion is black. Their bodies are oval-shaped and are equipped with a pair of translucent wings. Fruit flies typically have red eyes, but sometimes their eyes may be darker.

Fruit flies can also be identified by their habits and behavior. Fruit flies in kitchens will often be found on or near fresh fruit and vegetables. They are also drawn to trash cans, garbage disposals, and drains. It is rare to see a solitary fruit fly. They are typically seen congregating in large groups. Fruit flies reproduce at an alarming rate; females lay 500 eggs each, which can hatch in just 24 hours. It’s important to get rid of fruit flies at the first sign of them, as their populations will quickly become out of control.

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On In Yakima County?

Fruit flies in homes are not only annoying, but they can also contaminate food with bacteria and pathogens. This bacteria includes salmonella, E. coli, and listeria, all of which can cause food poisoning. Fruit flies in kitchens are attracted to unsanitary and moist areas such as garbage disposals and trash cans. They pick up germs and bacteria in these areas and can transfer them onto food or cooking surfaces. Fruit flies may enter your home through windows or doors or be brought home from the grocery store with over-ripened produce.

If you see fruit flies land on your food, it may be unsafe to eat. You have to assume that the flies are carrying bacteria and have now contaminated your meal. It’s best to be cautious and throw out the food once fruit flies have landed on it. Until your fruit fly problem has been solved, don’t leave food sitting out and eat your meals in an area without flies. Fruit flies in homes are inconvenient and potentially dangerous, so it’s very important to protect yourself from these pests.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips For Yakima County Homes

Once they have gained entry, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate fruit flies from your home. They multiply quickly and can infest areas that are difficult to access, such as the kitchen drain or garbage disposal. However, there are ways that you can keep fruit flies from entering in the first place, or prevent an infestation from getting worse.

Here are some fruit fly prevention tips for Yakima County homeowners:

  • Store fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator.

  • Throw out any over-ripe produce.

  • Cut off and discard any damaged spots on fruit or vegetables to remove any flies or larvae in the affected area.

  • Promptly clean up any spills.

  • Use proper trash storage and disposal.

  • Regularly empty and clean trash cans and recycling bins.

  • Clean drains and garbage disposals.

  • Use tight-fitting mesh screens on all windows to prevent fruit flies from entering.

  • If an infestation occurs, contact a pest control service to remove fruit flies.

Keeping your home clean and secure, as well as eating, discarding, or refrigerating produce in a timely fashion, can drastically reduce your risks of a fruit fly infestation.

The Best Fly Control For Your Yakima County Home

Fruit flies are a nuisance and unsanitary, and it’s difficult to remove fruit flies on your own. Professional fruit fly control is the best way to ensure that the fruit flies will be completely eliminated. For the best fly control in Yakima County, contact the experts at Prosite Pest Control. Prosite Pest Control provides fast and effective fly control in Yakima County. Our experts will inspect your home to identify the fruit fly breeding sites and will quickly and thoroughly eliminate fruit flies from your home. If your home has a fruit fly problem, contact Prosite Pest Control for a consultation today.


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