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Spiders are creepy pests. But that isn't the only reason you don't want them on your Kittitas property. Some spiders are messy. They create webs in landscaping, gardens, and on other vegetation in your yard. They create webs inside and around objects that sit in your yard. They create webs in the space between your screens and your doors or windows. When they get inside, they don't stop. Spiders make messy webs in your garage, storage rooms, and attic spaces. And, if all of that isn't enough, they come into your common areas and create webs. Spiders make so many webs that it is easy to just start ignoring them—that is until you walk face-first through one. But what should you do when you spot a spider web? Should you just leave them, or should you get rid of them quickly? Today, we're going to talk about why the pest professionals here at Prosite Pest Control make web removal a part of our residential and commercial pest control programs, and why you shouldn't ignore webs when you see them.

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A Common Misunderstanding About Webs

When you find webs on your Kittitas property, you might just leave 'em. You may believe that those webs are good to have around. In some ways, they are. Spiders catch house flies with their webs, and houseflies are implicated in the spread of more than 65 diseases. They catch mosquitoes with their webs, and mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases such as malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and many more. Their webs can also catch fleas and ticks, which spread Murine typhus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a long list of other diseases. Spiders have a very important job. Unfortunately, they're not very good at their job. A spider will only catch a fraction of the insects in your yard, and their webs do nothing to address the source of the problem. It is far better to have a licensed pest professional take care of house flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other harmful pests.

What You Might Not Know About Web

Many spiders make egg sacs in their webs. The American house spider, which is one of the most common pest spiders in the United States, can have as many as 300 eggs in its sac. That's 300 spiders that are about to hatch and hang out around your home. The more spiders you have crawling around on the exterior of your home, the more spider sightings you're going to have on the inside of your home.

Is It A Big Deal To Find A Spider On Your Kittitas Property?

No one likes to have a run-in with a spider. But there are a few things you should know about the spiders you'll find on your Kittitas property.

  • Most spiders in our area are not much of a threat. At most, you'll get a little pinprick when one bites you. Most of the spiders in our area don't get inside homes. The interior of a home is not an ideal environment for spiders.

  • A common house spider may get into your home, but it has to accidentally stumble upon an entry point. It won't chew a hole to get in. If your exterior is sealed and you have a low population of spiders around your exterior, you'll see few spiders inside.

So, as you can see, spider web removal works hand-in-hand with the sealing of entry points in your exterior. When coupled with a good pest control plan, you don't have to worry about spiders at all.

Removing Webs On Your Own

You can remove webs yourself. It is easy enough to purchase a spider web removal tool. When you remove webs, look for a paper-like egg on the web. If you find one, crush it, burn it, or put it in a sealed plastic bag for disposal.

It is a bit of a nasty job getting rid of spider webs. It's also a job that is often neglected. If you invest in a residential pest control program, this job can be done for you by a professional who knows how to properly dispose of the webs and egg sacs. Your pest program will also include coverage for other pests that are a concern for you, such as the house flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks we talked about earlier. And, unlike a spider, your pest control technician will address the root of your pest problems.

Effective Spider Control For Your Kittitas Property

If spiders and other pests are giving you trouble, let our team help you find the right solution for your property and for your family. At Prosite Pest Control, we're tough on pests, not the environment. You can expect the best environmentally friendly pest control services available, and you can expect to stop seeing spiders in your home. How great would that be? Connect with us today to learn more or to schedule service.


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