Squirrels In Kittitas County Can Make You Sick If You Aren't Careful

With chubby cheeks and bushy tails, squirrels may look charming from a distance, but if they invade your home or property, they can cause more problems than you might think. Here's what Kittitas County homeowners should know about the types of local squirrels, what kind of diseases they spread, how to prevent squirrels, and how pest control in Kittitas County can help you keep your home safe.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Yards

You may not realize it, but there are several different types of squirrels in Kittitas County, including:

  • American red squirrel: American red squirrels are a common sight in backyards, woods, and lawns in Washington. They're especially attracted to homes that have birdseed feeders.
  • Western gray squirrel: Sometimes also called a silver-gray squirrel, the Western gray squirrel has gray coloring and tends to be shyer than some other types of squirrels.
  • Douglas gray squirrel: Douglas gray squirrels go through slight color changes during the winter and summertime and form giant piles to store their favorite foods and items.
  • Northern flying squirrel: While it's rare to see a Northern flying squirrel, these nocturnal pests can sometimes wander onto your property during their short lifespans.

Besides the type of squirrels you may see in your backyard, here are some other crucial facts to understand about squirrels in Kittitas County:

  • A squirrel's front teeth never stop growing throughout their lifetime, but constant chewing and gnawing help stop them from getting too long.
  • One of the biggest damages caused by squirrels in Washington is their ability to chew through electrical lines and knock out power or create fire hazards.
  • Despite being called "flying squirrels," these critters actually jump and glide across the sky. A single glide can take them up to 500 feet.
  • Squirrels may sometimes use open doors or windows as access points to infest homes in Kittitas County.

They may be cute when you see them in your yard, but squirrels are one houseguest you'll want to avoid.

The Diseases Squirrels Are Capable Of Spreading

Besides knocking out your power, the other major reason squirrels are troublesome is that they can spread disease. Some of the most common diseases that squirrels may spread include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

Squirrels transmit disease in a couple of different ways. If you come in contact with squirrel urine or waste, it's possible to catch illnesses like salmonella or leptospirosis. Other conditions, like Lyme disease, may not be spread by squirrels directly, but these pests are often infested with ticks or other parasites, which do carry Lyme disease and other serious illnesses.

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

Whether they're knocking out your power or putting your health at risk, squirrels cause far more harm than good for Kittitas County homes. Like all pests, it's better to keep them out in the first place rather than waiting until after they have infested your home. Here are some easy ways to deter squirrels:

  • Get rid of potential food sources, like scraps, birdseed, fallen nuts, fruits, or other items that may be in your compost and trash piles.
  • If you've got plants that may attract squirrels, like blueberry bushes, place netting or fencing around the plants to keep squirrels out.
  • Discourage digging around gardens and plants by laying a layer of mulch over your soil.
  • Make sure you're keeping doors and windows closed to prevent squirrels from getting inside your home. 
  • Make sure there are no large cracks around your home, which may allow squirrels to squeeze inside.
  • Use natural repellants, like chili peppers or mint, in your garden.

These steps can all work to minimize the chances that squirrels will nest inside your home.

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away

Unfortunately, even when you take the right preventative measures, squirrels can still invade your home and property. That's when it may be time to get the pros at Prosite involved. Squirrels can not only transmit dangerous diseases, but they can also potentially lash out and attack you, someone you live with, or a pet if you try to remove them on your own.

As Central Washington's primary choice for pest management, we've got the experience and effective, safe solutions to get rid of any type of squirrel that may be invading your property. If you suspect a squirrel in your home or have run into issues around your yard, don't wait any longer – contact us today at Prosite to learn more about the next steps for rodent control in Kittitas County.

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