Grandview Mosquito Control

Nothing spoils a pleasant evening outdoors like being dive-bombed by mosquitoes and forced to retreat into your house. Is there anything that can be done about these contentious little pests?

Home Solutions

There are options like mosquito repellent, although you have to read the directions and be very careful when using it on children. Another suggestion is to wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a hat outdoors. You can also hang mosquito traps around your sitting area, and empty any standing water, for example, water in wading pools.

But often these approaches can't really keep up with the problem, especially if you have trees and bushes around your house. Trees and bushes are very attractive to mosquitos because they like dark places and because they like to drink the liquid in the leaves. And mosquitos breed like--well, mosquitos, laying their eggs in water sources that you can't empty, such as catch basins, ponds or wetlands. Some options for homeowners are to treat trees and bushes with Pyrethroid insecticide, and to get products to kill mosquito larvae in water, such as PreStrike or Mosquito Dunks. All these need to be re-applied several times.

The More You Know...

An important consideration with mosquitos is that they're not only annoying, they also carry diseases like the Zika virus. There are 40 kinds of mosquitos in the state of Washington, and many of them are West Nile virus carriers. The virus is transmitted through female mosquitos, which are the ones that drink blood. Patients develop a high fever that can lead to encephalitis, and they can even end up with permanent neurological problems. The people most at risk are the very young, the very old, and patients with chronic illnesses. So far there's no vaccine for West Nile Virus.

All things being considered, if your yard has become mosquito party central, it may be time to call in professionals. Here at Prosite Pest we can help you with your mosquito problem. Contact us at for a free quote. And say, take that, mosquitos!