Effective Rodent Control Solutions For Yakima County Homes

Characteristics Of Common Rodents

There are many rodents in the world. They account for about 43% of all mammals on the face of the earth. It is likely you know many of them by name, such as guinea pigs, gerbils, squirrels, hamsters, gophers, voles, rats, and mice. But, do you know what makes a rodent a rodent? There are a few characteristics that they all share.

  • A rodent is an animal with long incisors on the top and bottom that grow throughout their lives. They use these rootless teeth to chew on many things, including wood. Whether it is a large beaver or a tiny mouse, all rodents can chew through wood.
  • A rodent gives birth to living young. That means you're not going to find any rodent eggs in your yard or home.
  • A rodent is covered in fur. You won't find any feathery or scaly rodents crawling around on your property. But you will find quill-covered animals, like the porcupine. Porcupines don't just have quills. They also have fur covering their bodies.

All rodents share these common traits, but each one is somewhat different in its own way. The two most common pest rodents in Yakima County are rats and mice. The characteristics that make rats and mice some of the most problematic rodents in Yakima County include the following:

  • Rats and mice can tolerate dry conditions and living indoors. While a beaver can easily chew a hole through the wood in your home, it doesn't want to live in your home because there is no water to swim in. Similarly, while a gopher is content to burrow in your yard, you won't find one settling into your home. 
  • Rats and mice eat human food. While voles can get into your home, they prefer to live on vegetation that is abundant outdoors. Your home doesn't have an abundant food source for them. Rats and mice seek out food from our homes. 
  • Rats and mice can nest inside wood. While a gopher can waddle into your home, it isn't going to stay because it lives inside ground tunnels. Your home doesn't have enough soil for a gopher, but rats and mice can make themselves at home in our walls, attics, crawl spaces, and other areas within our homes.

Rats and mice, and sometimes squirrels, are common household pests. Rats and mice are the worst because they find suitable habitats indoors. Squirrels typically stay indoors for a short time because they have abundant food sources outside, like those voles. But a cozy attic can provide the perfect home for a squirrel under the right conditions. Let's take a look at how these three house rodents cause trouble when they find their way into your Yakima County home.

Rodent Infestations Are A Major Health Risk

Hearing rodents in your walls is only the beginning of the many ways rats and mice can cause a problem for you. In fact, you may want to thank those rodents for making noise in your walls. It would be worse if you had rodents living in your home without noticeable signs. Here are a few of the many problems rodents cause inside your home:

  • They rip up insulation, gnaw on stored boxes, damage holiday decorations, and chew holes in wedding dresses and other important items as they gather materials for their nests.
  • They contaminate attic spaces and insulation with their droppings and urine.
  • They chew on wires inside walls and present a fire hazard.
  • They deposit droppings, ticks, fleas, and microscopic worms as they explore kitchens and pantries.
  • They contaminate dishes, counters, and shelves as they crawl on them.
  • They chew holes in exterior walls and siding, making entry points for other pests. 

We hope you hear the rodents in your home. They can damage your property and make you sick whether you hear them or not. So, it is best to know they are there and do something to get rid of them. Let's look at what you can do to deal with these sneaky pests.

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