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Are you aware of just how difficult it is to exterminate cockroaches? Cockroaches are tough insects with an incredible immune system. They are exposed to rotting garbage, human excrement in sewer systems, dead animals, compost, and yet they are unaffected. They can tolerate high levels of radiation and exposure to chemicals. In fact, the cockroaches we battle now are stronger than the cockroaches of the past. The chemical resistances they have acquired have been passed down to this generation. This makes conventional treatments difficult if you don't have an education in pest control. Does that mean there is nothing you can do to control cockroaches? Far from it! There is much you can do to prevent a cockroach infestation. Here's what you should know.

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Remove Attractants

Before cockroaches get into your Central Washington home, they have a reason to be in your yard and near your exterior walls and foundation. If you understand what attracts cockroaches, you can deter them from being in your yard.

Moisture. If you have a clogged gutter and a saturated perimeter, you're inviting cockroaches to explore your landscaping. Everything you do to dry your perimeter will deter cockroach activity. Clean and repair your gutters. Trim bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation. Water your plants in the morning so that the moisture has time to dry in the sun, and so that the soil isn't damp at night when cockroaches are most active.

Damp habitats. There are many things that can create a damp habitat, such as leaf litter, grass clippings, brush piles, wood stacks, rocks piles, and more. When you remove organic debris and move stacked objects away from your exterior, you reduce cockroach activity near your home.

Hiding places. Lawn clutter and objects that sit on the ground near your home can be attractive to cockroaches. Roaches get under these objects and hide inside these objects. Stow items inside or remove them from your property if they don't need to be out there.

Animal dropping. If you have a pet, especially a dog, their waste can be an attractant for roaches. Keep droppings picked up to remove this attractant.

Bolster Your Defenses

When cockroaches explore your exterior, they are invited to come inside. If you offer cockroaches cracks and gaps, it is like putting out the welcome mat. Roaches are attracted to tight spaces. This is the primary reason they get into Central Washington homes.

  • Use a foundation repair kit to seal exterior foundation cracks.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests, or to seal any gaps you find.

  • Make sure your screens, door sweeps, weatherstripping, and other protective items are in place and undamaged.

Keep Things Clean

It isn't just important to keep things clean on the outside of your home. A clean interior is resistant to cockroaches, and reduces the risk of illness.

  • Keep your trash receptacles clean and dispose of trash routinely.

  • Vacuum your rugs and upholstered furniture, and consider only eating in your kitchen or dining room.

  • Keep your cat box well maintained.

  • Clean up spills as quickly as possible.

  • Clean under and around appliances. Roaches love the grime that develops on the sides of ovens and the rotting organic matter that finds its way under your fridge.

  • Keep your bathroom clean. Cockroaches feed on dead skin, hair, and human feces.

Remove Food Sources

Cockroaches prefer rotting food, but they can eat other things. Here are a few food sources to consider:

  • Put pet food down only during mealtimes. Cockroaches eat protein.

  • Put packaged foods in sealed glass or plastic containers. Cockroaches can eat through cardboard, paper, and thin plastic.

  • Put fruit in the fridge and store potatoes in a sealed container. Cockroaches eat starches.

  • Put your toothbrush in a protective case. Cockroaches eat toothpaste and are drawn to the scent of bacteria.

Reduce Humidity

Most cockroaches prefer humid habitats. When they get inside, they're going to be drawn to areas of high humidity and places where water can be found.

  • Fix any faucets that are leaking.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom during showers and baths.

  • Install ventilation ducts and fans to reduce humidity in key areas.

  • Install dehumidifiers if necessary.

How Prosite Pest Control Can Help

The tips given above can reduce cockroach activity below the threat threshold. But, if you want complete control of roaches, pest control products and methods must be used. These should be applied by a licensed professional. If you live in Central Washington, you're probably in our service area. Reach out to Prosite Pest control and tell us about your pest problem. Our technicians have the training and experience to arrest cockroach infestations and prevent future infestation. We can help.


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