How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Yakima County Home

August 31, 2021

When you think of spiders, what comes to mind: eight-legs, creepy, poisonous, and annoying webs? Nothing is pleasing about their appearance, but spiders are not all bad! They are carnivores, and some of them help us control pest insects in our yards and gardens, while others aid in pest control by eating household pests, like ants and cockroaches.

a cellar spider in a living room

Common Spiders In Yakima County

In Yakima County, Washington, there are a few common spiders to be aware of:

Wolf Spiders
Wolf spiders have hairy, stout bodies, are dark brown or black, and do not build webs. They are predators, hiding in burrows, and chasing down their prey.

Black Widow Spiders
These spiders are black and shiny and have red markings. They are venomous and known for their extremely painful bite. They spin webs to capture their prey. They live close to the ground and hide in basement corners, closets, near firewood and cluttered boxes.

Hobo Spiders
The hobo spider is a large brown spider with black markings. It has long legs and can be found in much of the United States, including Washington. They should be considered mildly venomous if bitten and feed on insects.

Giant House Spiders
The giant house spider is similar to the hobo spider. They are large and can be brown, orange, or beige. They build flat webs to catch their prey.

Cellar Spiders
Cellar spiders can be light brown, yellow, or grey and have long, skinny legs. There are two kinds, short-bodies and long-bodies. They build large webs hidden in corners of basements and sheds. They are harmless except when it comes to how difficult they are to eliminate.

General Prevention Tips For Spiders In Yakima County

Whether you live in Yakima County or elsewhere, you want the spiders out. These arachnids are attracted to moisture and dark spaces. They also like to spin webs in cool areas. To keep them out, the following are crucial tips:

  • Practice proper food and trash storage- not because spiders will come looking for it but because it will attract their prey.

  • Clear clutter in storage areas such as in garages and sheds.

  • Regularly sweep away webs.

  • Addressing moisture is good for both spider and general pest prevention.

  • Use yellow light instead of white light for exterior lighting as white light attracts flying insects which in turn attract spiders.

Other spider prevention tips include:

  • Store wood neatly a distance from your home.

  • Remove excess debris from your yard as they are potential homes for spiders.

  • Identify and seal up entry points.

  • Check screens and door sweeps.

  • Check for cracks around structures for both spiders and their pest prey.

Eliminate Spiders With Help From Prosite Pest Control

Spiders are everywhere, and anything can bring them indoors. If you live in Yakima County and want to keep spiders out of your home, you can find many solutions to get rid of these annoying critters. While most of them are harmless, their presence and their webs can be a nuisance. Contact Prosite Pest Control for advice or assistance as they know the behavior of many of the spiders in this area and can provide a professional pest treatment plan.

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